OpenTelemetry tracesedit
  • Traces of applications using messaging semantics might be wrongly displayed as transactions in the APM UI, while they should be considered spans (see issue #7001).
  • Inability to see Stack traces in spans.
  • Inability in APM views to view the "Time Spent by Span Type" (see issue #5747).
OpenTelemetry metricsedit
  • Inability to see host metrics in Elastic Metrics Infrastructure view when using the OpenTelemetry Collector host metrics receiver (see issue #5310).
OpenTelemetry logsedit
  • [preview] This functionality is in technical preview and may be changed or removed in a future release. Elastic will work to fix any issues, but features in technical preview are not subject to the support SLA of official GA features. The OpenTelemetry logs intake via APM Server is in technical preview.
  • The application logs data stream (app_logs) has dynamic mapping disabled. This means the automatic detection and mapping of new fields is disabled (see issue #9093).
OpenTelemetry Line Protocol (OTLP)edit

APM Server supports both the OTLP/gRPC and OTLP/HTTP protocol with ProtoBuf payload. APM Server does not yet support JSON Encoding for OTLP/HTTP.

OpenTelemetry Collector exporter for Elasticedit

The OpenTelemetry Collector exporter for Elastic has been deprecated and replaced by the native support of the OpenTelemetry Line Protocol in Elastic Observability (OTLP).

The Elasticsearch exporter for the OpenTelemetry Collector (which is different from the legacy exporter mentioned above) is not intended to be used with Elastic APM and Elastic Observability. Use OpenTelemetry native support instead.

OpenTelemetry’s tail-based samplingedit

Tail-based sampling allows to make sampling decisions after all spans of a trace have been completed. This allows for more powerful and informed sampling rules.

When using OpenTelemetry with Elastic APM, there are two different implementations available for tail-based sampling:

Using the tailsamplingprocessor in the OpenTelemetry Collector comes with an important limitation. Elastic’s APM backend calculates span and transaction metrics based on the incoming span events. These metrics are accurate for 100% sampling scenarios. In scenarios with probabilistic sampling, Elastic’s APM backend is being informed about the sampling rate of spans and can extrapolate throughput metrics based on the incoming, partial data. However, with tail-based sampling there’s no clear probability for sampling decisions as the rules can be more complex and the OpenTelemetry Collector does not provide sampling probability information to the Elastic backend that could be used for extrapolation of data. Therefore, there’s no way for Elastic APM to properly extrapolate throughput and count metrics that are derived from span events that have been tail-based sampled in the OpenTelemetry Collector. In these scenarios, derived throughput and count metrics are likely to be inaccurate.

Therefore, we recommend using Elastic’s native tail-based sampling when integrating with OpenTelemetry.