Configure APM instrumentationedit

APM Server uses the Elastic APM Go Agent to instrument its publishing pipeline. To gain insight into the performance of APM Server, you can enable this instrumentation and send trace data to APM Server. Currently, only the Elasticsearch output is instrumented.

Example configuration with instrumentation enabled:

  enabled: true
  environment: production
    - "http://localhost:8200"
  api_key: L5ER6FEvjkmlfalBealQ3f3fLqf03fazfOV
Configuration optionsedit

You can specify the following options in the instrumentation section of the apm-server.yml config file:


Set to true to enable instrumentation of APM Server. Defaults to false.


Set the environment in which APM Server is running, for example, staging, production, dev, etc. Environments can be filtered in the APM app.


The APM Server hosts to report instrumentation data to. Defaults to http://localhost:8200.


API key used to secure communication with the APM Server(s). If api_key is set then secret_token will be ignored.


Secret token used to secure communication with the APM Server(s).