Deploy Beats to send dataedit

Beats are lightweight data shippers that send operational data to Elasticsearch. Elastic provides separate Beats for different types of data, such as logs, metrics, and uptime. To send observability data, you must install mutliple shippers on a single host.

Prefer to use a single agent for your use case? Refer to Deploy Elastic Agent to send data.

To get started with Beats:

  1. Install and configure Filebeat on your servers to collect log events. For details, refer to Ingest logs.
  2. Install and configure Metricbeat on your servers to collect and preprocess system and service metrics, such as information about running processes, as well as CPU, memory, disk, and network utilization numbers. For details, refer to Ingest metrics.
  3. Install and configure Heartbeat on your servers to periodically check the status of your services. For details, refer to Ingest uptime data.
  4. If you have added an APM Server as part of an Elasticsearch Service deployment, configure your APM agents to send data to your Elasticsearch cluster. For details, refer to Instrument applications.