Third party NLP modelsedit

The Elastic Stack machine learning features support transformer models that conform to the standard BERT model interface and use the WordPiece tokenization algorithm.

The current list of supported architectures is:

  • BERT
  • DPR bi-encoders
  • DistilBERT
  • MobileBERT
  • RetriBERT
  • SentenceTransformers bi-encoders with the above transformer architectures

In general, any trained model that has a supported architecture is deployable in Elasticsearch by using eland. However, it is not possible to test every third party model. The following lists are therefore provided for informational purposes only and may not be current. Elastic makes no warranty or assurance that the machine learning features will continue to interoperate with these third party models in the way described, or at all.

These models are listed by NLP task; for more information about those tasks, refer to Overview.

Third party fill-mask modelsedit

Third party named entity recognition modelsedit

Third party text embedding modelsedit

Using SentenceTransformerWrapper:

Using DPREncoderWrapper:

Third party text classification modelsedit

Third party zero-shot text classification modelsedit