Logstash 8.7.0 Release Notes

Logstash 8.7.0 Release Notes

New features and enhancements

  • Added xpack.geoip.downloader.enabled setting to manage auto-update GeoIP database #14823
  • Flow metrics improvements: throughput for input plugins, worker_utilization and worker_millis_per_event (worker cost per event) for filter and output plugin metrics are implemented #14743

Performance improvements and notable issues fixed

  • Fix: DLQ writer isn’t properly created due to inversion of parameteres #14900
  • Logstash fails to start on OracleLinux7 #14890
  • Fix: DLQ age policy isn’t executed if the current head segment haven’t receives any write #14878
  • Fixes an issue during process shutdown in which the stalled shutdown watcher incorrectly reports inflight_count as 0 even when there are events in-flight #14760

Other changes to Logstash core

  • Allow dead_letter_queue.retain.age usage in pipeline settings #14954
  • Improved logging behavior in a docker container #14949
  • snakeyaml upgraded to 1.33 version #14881
  • Update bundeld JDK to 17.0.6+10 #14849
  • jrjackson to 0.4.17 and jackson to 2.14.1 versions upgraded #14845
  • Pins murmurhash3 to 0.1.6 version #14832
  • Guard reserved tags field against incorrect use #14822
  • Remove unnecessary pipeline configuration logging #14779
  • Developers using the Ruby- or Java-based Plugin APIs will have access to a new API boundary for acquiring a timer object to track execution time #14748

Documentation enhancements

  • Describe how to use Elastic Agent to monitor Logstash #14959
  • Update Debian/Ubuntu instructions following apt-key deprecation #14835

Plugin releases

Dns Filter - 3.2.0

  • Add tag(s) on DNS lookup times outs, defaults to ["_dnstimeout"] #67

Syslog_pri Filter - 3.2.0

  • Add tag on unrecognized facility_label code #11

Beats Input - 6.5.0

  • Added enrich enrichment option to control ECS passthrough. ssl_peer_metadata and include_codec_tag configurations are deprecated and can be managed through the enrich #464

Aws Integration - 7.1.0

  • Restore and upload corrupted GZIP files to AWS S3 after abnormal termination #20

Elasticsearch Output - 11.13.1

  • Avoid a crash by ensuring ILM settings are injected in the correct location depending on the default (or custom) template format, template_api setting and ES version #1102
  • Technology preview support for allowing events to individually encode a default pipeline with [@metadata][target_ingest_pipeline] (as part of a technology preview, this feature may change without notice) #1113