Logstash 8.1.2 Release Notes

Notable issues fixed

  • Fixed issue where Logstash crashed if Central Management couldn’t reach Elasticsearch #13689


Cef Codec - 6.2.4

  • [DOC] Emphasize importance of delimiter setting for byte stream inputs #95

Geoip Filter - 7.2.12

  • [DOC] Add http_proxy environment variable for GeoIP service endpoint. The feature is included in 8.1.0, and was back-ported to 7.17.2 #207

Truncate Filter - 1.0.5

  • Switches behavior of add_tag and add_field, now tags and fields are added only when the truncation happens on any field or nested field #7.

Tcp Output - 6.0.2

  • Fix: unable to start with password protected key #45