Logstash 8.1.0 Release Notes

Known issue

Uninstalling a plugin using bin/logtash-plugin uninstall may result in an error:

Gem::LoadError: You have already activated jruby-openssl 0.12.2, but your Gemfile requires jruby-openssl 0.12.1. Prepending `bundle exec` to your command may solve this.

Logstash should still run, and other plugin operations, such as update and install, should work as expected.

The bin/logstash-plugin list command may fail with the same error after a failed uninstallation.


A successful plugin update will resolve this issue, and allow subsequent uninstall and list operations to work without issue.

The filter-dissect plugin has recent changes available for update. Running bin/logstash-plugin update logstash-filter-dissect should mitigate this issue.

Logstash core

No user-facing changes in Logstash core.


Http Filter - 1.3.0

  • Feat: support ssl_verification_mode option #37

Kv Filter - 4.6.0

  • Added allow_empty_values option #72

Http_poller Input - 5.2.0

  • Feat: support ssl_verification_mode option #131

Sqs Input - 3.2.0

  • Feature: Add queue_owner_aws_account_id parameter for cross-account queues #60

Elastic_enterprise_search Integration - 2.2.1

  • Fix, change implementation of connectivity check method to be compatible with version v8.0+ of Workplace Search #16
  • Feature, switch the connection library to elastic-enterprise-search #3
  • [DOC] Added required parameters to Workplace Search example snippet and describe little better what’s expected in url parameter #11

Http_client Mixin - 7.1.0

  • Feat: add ssl_verification_mode #39

Http Output - 5.3.0

  • Feat: support ssl_verification_mode option #126