Breaking changes in 6.0

Here are the breaking changes for 6.0.

Changes in Logstash Core

These changes can affect any instance of Logstash that uses impacted features. Changes to Logstash Core are plugin agnostic.

Application Settings
  • The setting config.reload.interval has been changed to use time value strings such as 5m, 10s etc. Previously, users had to convert this to a millisecond time value themselves. Note that the unit qualifier (s) is required.
RPM/Deb package changes
  • For rpm and deb release artifacts, config files that match the *.conf glob pattern must be in the conf.d folder, or the files will not be loaded.
Command Line Interface behavior
  • The -e and -f CLI options are now mutually exclusive. This also applies to the corresponding long form options config.string and path.config. This means any configurations provided via -e will no longer be appended to the configurations provided via -f.
  • Configurations provided with -f or config.path will not be appended with stdin input and stdout output automatically.
List of plugins bundled with Logstash

The following plugins were removed from the default bundle based on usage data. You can still install these plugins manually:

  • logstash-codec-oldlogstashjson
  • logstash-input-couchdb_changes
  • logstash-input-irc
  • logstash-input-log4j
  • logstash-input-lumberjack
  • logstash-filter-uuid
  • logstash-output-xmpp
  • logstash-output-irc
  • logstash-output-statsd

Check out our Release Notes for additional release information.