Logstash 8.9.0 Release Notes

Notable issues fixed

  • Fixed an issue where installs and updates of certain Logstash plugins could fail when located behind a proxy #15131. This issue surfaced after logstash-filter-translate was updated to require that the jar-dependencies gem be used to retrieve artifacts from maven when the plugin was installed. This requirement could prevent the plugin update when a proxy was in use.
  • Improved logging when Logstash is stalled on shutdown #15056. We now provide additional information about the main thread if it is causing the shutdown to stall.
  • Improved SSL settings for connection to Elasticsearch for central management and monitoring #15045. This commit adds settings support for file-based certificates and cipher suites for management and monitoring settings, and removes the deprecation warnings from the logs that have been in since SSL configuration settings were revamped in the Elasticsearch output.

Updates to dependencies

  • Update Bundler to version 2.4 #14995


Azure_event_hubs Input - 1.4.5

  • Update multiple dependencies such as gson, log4j2, jackson #83

Beats Input - 6.6.3

  • [DOC] Updated the ssl_client_authentication and ssl_verify_mode documentation explaining that CN and SAN are not validated. #473
  • Update netty to 4.1.94 and jackson to 2.15.2 #474

Http Input - 3.7.2

  • Update netty to 4.1.94 #167

Snmp Input - 1.3.2

  • [DOC] Add troubleshooting help for "failed to locate MIB module" error when using smidump to convert MIBs #112

Tcp Input - 6.3.5

  • Update netty to 4.1.94 and other dependencies #216
  • Fix: reduce error logging (to info level) on connection resets #214

Tcp Output - 6.1.2

  • Changed the client mode to write using the non-blocking method. #52