Logstash 8.6.0 Release Notes

New features and enhancements

  • Extends the flow rates introduced to the Node Stats API in 8.5.0 (which included windows for current and lifetime) to include a Technology Preview of several additional windows such as last_15_minutes, last_24_hours, etc.. #14571
  • Logstash introduced instance and pipeline level flow metrics, growth_bytes and growth_events for persisted queue to provide a better visibility about how fast pipeline queue is growing. #14554

Notable issues fixed

  • Adds new close method to Java’s Filter API to be used to clean shutdown resources allocated by the filter during registration phase. #14485
  • Improved JRuby runtime startup avoiding to compile ahead each Ruby code encountered. #14284
  • Fixed issue in pipeline compilation. #13621

Documentation enhancements

  • Crafted a guide on how to configure and troubleshooting Logstash on Kubernetes.

Plugin releases

Netflow Codec - 4.3.0

  • Added Gigamon ipfix definitions #199

Elasticsearch Filter - 3.13.0

  • Added support for this plugin identifying itself to Elasticsearch with an SSL/TLS client certificate using a new keystore option #162

Jdbc Integration - 5.4.1

  • Bugfix leak which happened in creating a new Database pool for every query. The pool is now crated on registration and closed on plugin’s stop #119
  • Ambiguous Timestamp Support #92

    • FIX: when encountering an ambiguous timestamp, the JDBC Input no longer crashes
    • Added support for disambiguating timestamps in daylight saving time (DST) overlap periods

Elasticsearch Output - 11.12.1

  • Log bulk request response body on error, not just when debug logging is enabled #1096
  • Add legacy template API support for Elasticsearch 8 #1092
  • When using an api_key along with either cloud_id or https hosts, you no longer need to also specify ssl => true #1065
  • Feature: expose dlq_routed document metric to track the documents routed into DLQ #1090