Logstash 8.12.2 Release Notes

Logstash 8.12.2 Release Notes

  • Set Netty’s maxOrder options to previous default value of 11 #15928
  • Add "openssl" to UBI docker images #15929

Known issues

  • The order of JVM flags is broken, leading to the inability to customize certain JVM configurations with the environment variable LS_JAVA_OPTS. 15996

    • A workaround is to specify JVM flags in the config/jvm.options file rather than relying on the LS_JAVA_OPTS environment variable.


Jdbc Integration - 5.4.8

  • Update Derby to (built from source) #155
  • Update sequel version to >= 5.74.0, that allows the generic jdbc adapter to better handle disconnect errors #153

Kafka Integration - 11.3.4

  • Fix "retries" and "value_serializer" error handling in output plugin #160