Logstash 8.0.0-alpha1 Release Notesedit

Breaking changesedit

Ruby Execution Engine removededit

The Java Execution Engine has been the default engine since Logstash 7.0, and works with plugins written in either Ruby or Java. Removal of the Ruby Execution Engine will not affect the ability to run existing pipelines. #12517

Support for UTF-16edit

We have added support for UTF-16 and other multi-byte-character when reading log files. #9702

Field Reference parser removededit

The Field Reference parser interprets references to fields in your pipelines and plugins. It was configurable in 7.x, with the default set to strict to reject inputs that are ambiguous or illegal. Configurability is removed in 8.0. Now Logstash rejects ambiguous and illegal inputs as standard behavior. #12466

New features and enhancementsedit

Option to pass custom data to the benchmark CLI

We have added another flag to the Benchmark CLI to allow passing a data file with previously captured data to the custom test case. This feature allows users to run the Benchmark CLI in a custom test case with a custom config and a custom dataset. #12437

Plugin releasesedit

Plugins align with release 7.14.0