Logstash 7.7.1 Release Notesedit

Notable issues fixededit

  • Fixed: empty batches no longer incur processing overhead in the Java Execution Engine #11747
  • Fixed: when the Keystore is enabled, pipelines with many variable substitutions now load significantly faster #11772
  • Fixed: when x-pack Monitoring is configured with cloud_id, the monitoring pipeline now correctly resolves the hosts. #11800


Elasticsearch Output - 10.4.2

  • Internal: changed cloud id, credential and host setup to happen in build_client, enabling Logstash’s x-pack monitoring to use these features without caring about this plugin’s internals #939
  • [DOC] Added note about _type setting change from doc to _doc #884
  • Fixed default index value to use calendar year instead of the year corresponding to the ISO week year #927