Logstash 7.5.1 Release Notesedit

  • Improved usefullness of log messages when reporting full DLQ by including the relevant DLQ’s path #11280
  • Fix: eliminates a crash that could occur at pipeline startup when the pipeline references a java-based plugin that had been installed via offline plugin pack #11340
  • Fix: The common remove_field plugin option now correctly works on @metadata fields #11342
  • Fix: do not leak ThreadContext into the system #11356
  • Fix: eliminates a regression introduced in 7.2.0 where streaming-oriented inputs configured with payload-oriented codecs (plain or json) would use them as-is instead of using the appropriate line-oriented codec implementation (lines or json_lines, respectively) #11401
  • Fix: handle cloud-id with an empty kibana part #11435
  • bump dependencies for patch release #11438


Dns Filter

  • Added documentation on the nameserver option for relying on /etc/resolv.conf to configure the resolver

Elasticsearch Filter

  • Loosen restrictions on Elasticsearch gem #120

Grok Filter

  • Improved grok filter performance in multi-match scenarios. If you’ve noticed some slowdown in grok and you’re using many more workers than cores, this update allows you to configure the timeout_scope setting to improve performance. #153

Jdbc_static Filter

  • Fixed issue with driver verification using Java 11 #51

Jdbc_streaming Filter

  • Fixed driver loading #35
  • Added support for prepared statements #32
  • Added support for sequel_opts to pass options to the 3rd party Sequel library.
  • Added support for driver loading in JDK 9+ #25
  • Added support for multiple driver jars #21

Elasticsearch Input

  • Loosen restrictions on Elasticsearch gem #110

Http Input

  • Update netty and tcnative dependency #118
  • Added 201 to valid response codes #114
  • Documented response\_code option

Jdbc Input

  • Fixed issue where paging settings in configuration were not being honored #361
  • Fix issue with driver loading #356
  • Added documentation to provide more info about jdbc driver loading #352

Jms Input

  • Docs: Added additional troubleshooting information #38

Rabbitmq Integration

  • Fixes issue in Output where failure to register connection recovery hooks prevented the output from starting
  • Improves Input Plugin documentation to better align with upstream guidance #4

Elasticsearch Output

  • Opened type removal logic for extension. This allows X-Pack Elasticsearch output to continue using types for special case /_monitoring bulk endpoint, enabling a fix for Logstash #11312. #900
  • Fixed 8.x type removal compatibility issue #892