Logstash 7.7.1 Release Notesedit

Notable issues fixededit

  • Fixed: empty batches no longer incur processing overhead in the Java Execution Engine #11747
  • Fixed: when the Keystore is enabled, pipelines with many variable substitutions now load significantly faster #11772
  • Fixed: when x-pack Monitoring is configured with cloud_id, the monitoring pipeline now correctly resolves the hosts. #11800

Known issueedit

Performance regression. A potential performance regression may affects some users. This issue can cause a slowdown on pipeline compilation when multiple pipelines are in use. We believe the issue was introduced in 7.7.0. This issue is currently being tracked and investigated in #12031

This issue seems to be affecting only big pipeline installations (that is, big pipeline definitions when multiple pipelines are defined). Symptoms include increased startup time and the appearance that Logstash is not responding to input events.

If you believe this issue is affecting you, we recommended that you downgrade to 7.6.2 while we continue to investigate and provide a resolution.


Elasticsearch Output - 10.4.2

  • Internal: changed cloud id, credential and host setup to happen in build_client, enabling Logstash’s x-pack monitoring to use these features without caring about this plugin’s internals #939
  • [DOC] Added note about _type setting change from doc to _doc #884
  • Fixed default index value to use calendar year instead of the year corresponding to the ISO week year #927