Logstash 7.6.2 Release Notes


Logstash 7.6.2 Release Notesedit

  • Fixed: Support for quoted plugin option key. The Java execution engine had a regression where adding quotes around plugin configuration keys would stop the pipeline from starting. #11694
  • Fixed: Issue where users were not able to start pipeline when a configuration file was completely commented out. #11615
  • Fixed: Typo in gauge metric of unknown type log. #11689
  • Fixed: Issue where using command line --help option was showing wrong information. #11634
  • [Doc] Backport more references to contributing issues guidelines. #11666
  • [Doc] Add tips for troubleshooting a pipeline. #11545
  • [Doc] Update to include verification mode switch. #11284
  • [Doc] Update logging.asciidoc to emphasize that logging to console is included in out-of-the-box settings. #10717
  • [Doc] Update offline-plugins.asciidoc to use correct command syntax. #10912
  • Bump puma to 4.3.3. #11651


Beats Input

  • Fixed issue where calling java_import on org.logstash.netty.SslContextBuilder was causing the TCP input to pick up the wrong SslContextBuilder class potentially causing pipeline creation to fail #388

Http Input

  • Refactor: scope (and avoid unused) java imports #124

Redis Input

  • [DOC] Reordered config option to alpha order #79

Snmp Input

  • Refactor: scope and review java_imports #72

Tcp Input

  • Refactor: scope java_import to avoid polluting #152

Kafka Integration

  • Fix links in changelog pointing to stand-alone plugin changelogs. #18
  • Refactor: scope java_import to plugin class #18

Rabbitmq Integration

  • Refactor: scope (and remove unused) java imports #29

Elasticsearch Output

  • [DOC] Replaced link to Elastic Cloud trial with attribute, and fixed a comma splice #926
  • [DOC] Replaced setting name with correct value #919
  • Fixed integration tests for Elasticsearch 7.6+ #922
  • Fixed integration tests for Elasticsearch API 7.5.0 #923