Logstash 7.5.2 Release Notes


Logstash 7.5.2 Release Notesedit

  • Fix: Java Execution - Improve Logstash start-time by moving class caching from ComputeStepSyntaxElement to CompiledPipeline #11490
  • Fix: Java Execution - Avoid starting inputs when filters and output compilation is not complete, by starting only when all WorkerLoops are fully initialized #11492
  • Fix: Avoid issue with nil native threads by making get_thread_id "nil safe" #11458
  • Update JrJackson and jackson dependencies #11478


Beats Input

  • Updated Netty dependencies, and removed support for insecure CBC ciphers #376
  • Updated Jackson dependencies #375

File Input

  • Fix: Regression in exclude handling. Patterns are matched against the filename, not full path. #237