Logstash 7.17.7 Release Notesedit

Notable issues fixededit

  • Makes monitoring.cluster_uuid a configurable variable that can be passed to docker container by use of an environment flag #14425
  • Fixes an issue that queue.checkpoint.retry was not respecting the user config #14487
  • Fixes an issue where the Node API could present empty information about a pipeline that was in the process of starting up for the first time in a given process lifetime. #14595


Json Codec - 3.1.1

  • Fix: when decoded JSON includes an [event][original] field, having ecs_compatibility enabled will no longer overwrite the decoded field #43

File Input - 4.4.4

  • Fixes gzip file handling in read mode when run on JDK12+, including JDK17 that is bundled with Logstash 8.4+ #312

Unix Input - 3.1.2

  • Fix: eliminate high CPU usage when data timeout is disabled and no data is available on the socket #30

Rabbitmq Integration - 7.3.1

  • [DOC] Clarify the availability and cost of using the metadata_enabled option #52