Logstash 7.0.1 Release Notes


Logstash 7.0.1 Release Notesedit

  • Fixed default codec and buffer handling in Java stdout output #10673
  • Corrected the description of codec behavior in the output stage of Logstash pipelines #10682
  • Corrected settings file doc to note that Java execution defaults to true #10701
  • Updated JRuby to #10674
  • Updated Bundler to 1.17.3 #10685


Csv Filter

  • Fixed asciidoc formatting for example #73
  • Documented that the autodetect_column_names and skip_header options work only when the number of Logstash pipeline workers is set to 1.

Dns Filter

  • Fixed issue where unqualified domains would fail to resolve when running this plugin with Logstash 5.x #48
  • Fixed crash that could occur when encountering certain classes of invalid inputs #49

Kv Filter

  • Fixed asciidoc formatting in documentation #81
  • Added a timeout enforcer which prevents inputs that are pathological against the generated parser from blocking the pipeline. By default, timeout is a generous 30s, but can be configured or disabled entirely with the new timeout_millis and tag_on_timeout directives (#79)
  • Made error-handling configurable with tag_on_failure directive.

Xml Filter

  • Fixed creation of empty arrays when xpath failed #59

Dead_letter_queue Input

  • Fixed asciidoc formatting in documentation #21

File Input

  • Fixed problem in Windows where some paths would fail to return an identifier ("inode"). Make path into a C style String before encoding to UTF-16LE. #232

Snmp Input

  • Added support for querying SNMP tables
  • Changed three error messages in the base_client to include the target address for clarity in the logs.

Tcp Input

  • Fixed race condition where data would be accepted before queue was configured
  • Added support for multiple certificates per file #140

Twitter Input

  • Updated http-form_data to ~> 2 and public_suffix to ~> 3

Elasticsearch Output

  • Fixed bug where index patterns in custom templates could be erroneously overwritten #861

Kafka Output

  • Fixed issue with unnecessary sleep after retries exhausted #216

S3 Output

  • Added configuration information for multiple s3 outputs to documentation #196
  • Fixed formatting problems and typographical errors #194, #201, and #204
  • Added support for setting mutipart upload threshold #202