Logstash 7.0.0-rc1 Release Notes


Logstash 7.0.0-rc1 Release Notesedit

Logstash coreedit

  • BUGFIX: Correctly count total queued items across multiple pipelines #10564
  • BUGFIX: Fix issue setting enable_metric ⇒ false #10538
  • BUGFIX: Prevent concurrent convergence of pipeline actions #10537
  • Monitoring: Change internal document type to push "_doc" instead of "doc" #10533
  • BUGFIX: Allow explicitly-specified Java codecs #10520
  • Central management typeless API #10421
  • Improve docs about using Filebeat modules with Logstash #10438
  • Bump JRuby to #10425
  • BUGFIX: Remove exclusive lock for Ruby pipeline initialization #10462


  • logstash-filter-dns

    • Fixed issue where unqualified domains would fail to resolve when running this plugin with Logstash 5.x #48
    • Fixed crash that could occur when encountering certain classes of invalid inputs #49
  • logstash-filter-kv

    • Added a timeout enforcer which prevents inputs that are pathological against the generated parser from blocking the pipeline. By default, timeout is a generous 30s, but can be configured or disabled entirely with the new timeout_millis and tag_on_timeout directives #79
    • Made error-handling configurable with tag_on_failure directive.
  • logstash-filter-xml

    • Fixed creation of empty arrays when xpath failed #59
  • logstash-input-file

    • Fixed problem in Windows where some paths would fail to return an identifier ("inode"). Make path into a C style String before encoding to UTF-16LE. #232
  • logstash-input-tcp

    • Fixed race condition where data would be accepted before queue was configured
    • Support multiple certificates per file #140
  • logstash-output-kafka

    • Fixed issue with unnecessary sleep after retries exhausted #216
  • logstash-output-s3

    • Add support for setting mutipart upload threshold #202