Logstash 7.0.0-alpha1 Release Notes


Logstash 7.0.0-alpha1 Release Notesedit

Logstash coreedit

  • Make Java execution the default #8649
  • Field-reference parsing is now strict by default #9543
  • Improvements to core Javaification
  • BUGFIX: Support for Byte, Short and Date type conversions as seen in the rabbitmq input plugin #9984


  • logstash-codec-netflow

    • BREAKING: Added support for RFC6759 decoding of application_id. This is a breaking change to the way application_id is decoded. The format changes from e.g. 0:40567 to 0..12356..40567
    • Fixed IPFIX options template parsing for Juniper MX240 JunOS 15.1
    • Fixed incorrect parsing of zero-filled Netflow 9 packets from Palo Alto
    • Added support for Netflow v9 devices with VarString fields (H3C Netstream)
    • Reduced complexity of creating, persisting, loading an retrieving template caches
    • Fixed issue where TTL in template registry was not being respected
    • Added Cisco ACI to list of known working Netflow v9 exporters
    • Added support for IXIA Packet Broker IPFIX
    • Fixed issue with Procera float fields
  • logstash-filter-aggregate

    • new feature: add ability to dynamically define a custom timeout or inactivity_timeout in code block (fix issues #91 and #92)
    • new feature: add meta informations available in code block through map_meta variable
    • new feature: add Logstash metrics, specific to aggregate plugin: aggregate_maps, pushed_events, task_timeouts, code_errors, timeout_code_errors
    • new feature: validate at startup that map_action option equals to create, update or create_or_update
  • logstash-filter-jdbc_static

    • Added info to documentation to emphasize significance of table order 36
  • logstash-filter-xml

    • Fixed creation of empty arrays when xpath failed #59
    • Fixed force_array behavior with nested elements #57
  • logstash-input-file

    • Fixed problem in rotation handling where the target file being rotated was subjected to the start_position setting when it must always start from the beginning. #214
  • logstash-input-snmp

    • Added no_codec condition to the documentation and bumped version #39
    • Changed docs to improve options layout #38
  • logstash-input-sqs

    • Added support for multiple events inside same message from SQS #48
  • logstash-output-elasticsearch

    • Tweaked logging statements to reduce verbosity
    • Fixed numerous issues relating to builds on Travis #799
  • logstash-output-s3

    • Fixed issue where on restart, 0 byte files could erroneously be uploaded to s3 #195