Logstash 6.6.1 Release Notesedit

  • Fixes a problem with how Logstash logs malformed URLs. (CVE-2019-7612). See Security issues.


Es_bulk Codec

  • Add documentation about use with http input

De_dot Filter

  • fix failure of fieldnames with boolean value "false" #9

Dns Filter

  • Fixed issue where unqualified domains would fail to resolve when running this plugin with Logstash 5.x #48
  • Fixed crash that could occur when encountering certain classes of invalid inputs #49

Http Filter

  • Fixed minor documentation issues #9

Jdbc_streaming Filter

  • Swap out mysql for postgresql for testing #11

Json Filter

  • Updated documentation with some clarifications and fixes

Metrics Filter

  • Fixed two minor typos in documentation

Redis Input

  • Changed redis_type to data_type in .rb file #70 and asciidoc file #71

Elasticsearch Output

  • Fixed sniffing support for 7.x #827
  • Fixed issue with escaping index names which was causing writing aliases for ILM to fail #831

File Output

  • Removed JRuby check when using FIFOs #75

Http Output

  • Relax dependency on http_client mixin since current major works on both