Breaking changesedit

Version 2.0 of Logstash has some changes that are incompatible with previous versions of Logstash. This section discusses what you need to be aware of when migrating to this version.

Elasticsearch Output Defaultedit

Starting with the 2.0 release of Logstash, the default Logstash output for Elasticsearch is HTTP. To use the node or transport protocols, download the Elasticsearch Java plugin. The Logstash HTTP output to Elasticsearch now supports sniffing.

The elasticsearch_java plugin has two versions specific to the version of the underlying Elasticsearch cluster. Be sure to specify the correct value for the --version option during installation: * For Elasticsearch versions before 2.0, use the command bin/plugin install --version 1.5.x logstash-output-elasticsearch_java * For Elasticsearch versions 2.0 and after, use the command bin/plugin install --version 2.0.0 logstash-output-elasticsearch_java

Configuration Changesedit

The Elasticsearch output plugin configuration has the following changes:

  • The host configuration option is now hosts, allowing you to specify multiple hosts and associated ports in the myhost:9200 format
  • New options: bind_host, bind_port, cluster, embedded, embedded_http_port, port, sniffing_delay
  • The max_inflight_requests option, which was deprecated in the 1.5 release, is now removed
  • Since the hosts option allows specification of ports for the hosts, the redundant port option is now removed
  • The node_name and protocol options have been moved to the elasticsearch_java plugin

The following deprecated configuration settings are removed in this release:

  • input plugin configuration settings: debug, format, charset, message_format
  • output plugin configuration settings: type, tags, exclude_tags.
  • filter plugin configuration settings: type, tags, exclude_tags.

Configuration files with these settings present are invalid and prevent Logstash from starting.

Kafka Output Configuration Changesedit

The 2.0 release of Logstash includes a new version of the Kafka output plugin with significant configuration changes. Please compare the documentation pages for the Logstash 1.5 and Logstash 2.0 versions of the Kafka output plugin and update your configuration files accordingly.

Metrics Filter Changesedit

Prior implementations of the metrics filter plugin used dotted field names. Elasticsearch does not allow field names to have dots, beginning with version 2.0, so a change was made to use sub-fields instead of dots in this plugin. Please note that these changes make version 3.0.0 of the metrics filter plugin incompatible with previous releases.

Filter Worker Default Changeedit

Starting with the 2.0 release of Logstash, the default value of the filter_workers configuration option for filter plugins is half of the available CPU cores, instead of 1. This change increases parallelism in filter execution for resource-intensive filtering operations. You can continue to use the -w flag to manually set the value for this option, as in previous releases.