Using the Logs UIedit

Customize the Logs UI to focus on the data you want to see and control how you see it.

Log Console in Kibana

Use the power of Searchedit

The Search bar is always available. Use it to perform adhoc and structured searches by taking advantage of the Kibana Query Language with autocompletion suggestions.

Logs query bar

Adapt to your log sourceedit

Using a custom index pattern to store the log entries, want to limit the entries presented in a space or change the fields displayed in the columns? Use configure source to change the index pattern and other settings.

Logs column headers

Jump to a specific time periodedit

Use the time selector to focus on a specific timeframe.

Logs time selector

To quickly jump to a nearby point in time, click on the timeline to the right.

Logs timeline

Customize your viewedit

Use Customize to adjust your console view and to set the time scale of the log data.

  • Text size. Select Small, Medium, or Large.
  • Wrap long lines. Enable or disable line wrap.
  • Minimap Scale. Set the scale to year, month, week, day, hour, or minute.
Logs view customization popover

Stream or pause logsedit

You can stream data for live log tailing, or pause streaming to focus on historical log data.

Logs start streaming
Logs stop streaming

When you are streaming logs, the most recent log appears at the bottom on the console.

Logs streaming indicator

Historical data offers infinite scrolling.

Highlight a phrase in the logs streamedit

To find instances of a particular word or phrase in the logs stream, click the Highlights button in the toolbar and enter your search terms.

Logs highlight dialog box

This will highlight any instances of your search terms that appear in the logs stream.

Logs stream with the search term 'safepoint' highlighted

Inspect a log eventedit

Click on a log event in the stream to inspect it.

Highlighted log gentry in the stream

All of the fields associated to the log event are displayed.

Log event document details

By clicking the icon next to one of the listed values, you can filter the logs stream to display only events corresponding to that particular value.

Filtering from the log event details
Log console after filtering by a value in the details

You can use the Actions menu to view any monitor or APM trace that the log event may be associated with.

Log event document details with actions menu open