Add a choropleth layeredit

Now that you have a map, you’ll want to add layers to it. The first layer you’ll add is a choropleth layer to shade world countries by web log traffic. Darker shades symbolize countries with more web log traffic, and lighter shades symbolize countries with less traffic.

  1. Click Add layer.
  2. Select Choropleth.
  3. From the Layer dropdown menu, select World Countries.
  4. Under Statistics source, set Index pattern to kibana_sample_data_logs.
  5. Set Join field to geo.src.
  6. Click the Add layer button.
  7. Set Name to Total Requests by Country.
  8. Set Opacity to 50%.
  9. Click Add under Tooltip fields.
  10. In the popover, select ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code and name and click Add.
  11. Under Fill color, select the grey color ramp.
  12. Under Border color, change the selected color to white.
  13. Click Save & close.

    Your map now looks like this:

    gs add cloropeth layer