Dashboard drilldownedit

The dashboard drilldown allows you to navigate from one dashboard to another dashboard. For example, you might have a dashboard that shows the overall status of multiple data centers. You can create a drilldown that navigates from this dashboard to a dashboard that shows a single data center or server.

This example shows a dashboard panel that contains a pie chart with a configured dashboard drilldown:

Drilldown on pie chart that navigates to another dashboard

Supported panelsedit

The following panels support dashboard drilldowns:

  • Lens
  • Area
  • Data table
  • Heat map
  • Horizontal bar
  • Line
  • Maps
  • Pie
  • TSVB
  • Tag cloud
  • Timelion
  • Vega
  • Vertical bar

Try it: Create a dashboard drilldownedit

Create the Host Overview drilldown shown above.

Set up the dashboards

  1. Add the sample web logs data set.
  2. Create a new dashboard, called Host Overview, and include these visualizations from the sample data set:

    [Logs] Heatmap
    [Logs] Visitors by OS
    [Logs] Host, Visits, and Bytes Table
    [Logs] Total Requests and Bytes

    If you don’t see data for a panel, try changing the time range.

  3. Open the [Logs] Web traffic dashboard.
  4. Set a search and filter.

    Search: extension.keyword: ("gz" or "css" or "deb")
    Filter: geo.src: CN

Create the drilldown

  1. In the dashboard menu bar, click Edit.
  2. In [Logs] Visitors by OS, open the panel menu, and then select Create drilldown.
  3. Pick Go to dashboard action.
  4. Give the drilldown a name.
  5. Select Host Overview as the destination dashboard.
  6. Keep both filters enabled so that the drilldown carries over the global filters and date range.

    Your input should look similar to this:

    Create drilldown with entries for drilldown name and destination
  7. Click Create drilldown.
  8. Save the dashboard.

    If you don’t save the drilldown, and then navigate away, the drilldown is lost.

  9. In [Logs] Visitors by OS, click the win 8 slice of the pie, and then select the name of your drilldown.

    Drilldown on pie chart that navigates to another dashboard

    You are navigated to your destination dashboard. Verify that the search query, filters, and time range are carried over.