Getting Started with Codeedit

The easiest way to get started with Code is to simply import a real-world repository.

Before you beginedit

You must have a Kibana instance up and running.

If you are in an environment where you have multiple Kibana instances in a cluster, see the config instructions for multiple Kibana instances.

Enable Code appedit

In beta, Code needs to be turned on by adding the following line to kibana.yaml

xpack.code.ui.enabled: true

Import your first repositoryedit

  1. Navigate to the Code app.
  2. In the Repository URL field, paste the following GitHub clone URL:
  3. Click Import.

    A new item in the list displays the cloning and indexing progress of the TypeScript-Node-Starter repo.

  4. After the indexing is complete, navigate to the repo by clicking its name in the list.


    Congratulations! You just imported your first repo into Code.