kibana.keystore has moved from the data folder to the config folderedit

Details: By default, kibana.keystore has moved from the configured folder to <root>/config for archive distributions and /etc/kibana for package distributions. If a pre-existing keystore exists in the data directory that path will continue to be used.

User role changesedit

kibana_user role has been removed and kibana_admin has been added.edit

Details: The kibana_user role has been removed and kibana_admin has been added to better reflect its intended use. This role continues to grant all access to every Kibana feature. If you wish to restrict access to specific features, create custom roles with Kibana privileges.

Impact: Any users currently assigned the kibana_user role will need to instead be assigned the kibana_admin role to maintain their current access level.

Reporting changesedit

Legacy job parameters are no longer supportededit

Details: POST URL snippets that were copied in Kibana 6.2 or earlier are no longer supported. These logs have been deprecated with warnings that have been logged throughout 7.x. Please use Kibana UI to re-generate the POST URL snippets if you depend on these for automated PDF reports.

Configurations starting with xpack.telemetry are no longer validedit

Details: The xpack. prefix has been removed for all telemetry configurations.

Impact: For any configurations beginning with xpack.telemetry, remove the xpack prefix. Use telemetry.enabled instead.