UI Actionsedit

UI Actions plugins provides API to manage triggers and actions.

Trigger is an abstract description of user’s intent to perform an action (like user clicking on a value inside chart). It allows us to do runtime binding between code from different plugins. For, example one such trigger is when somebody applies filters on dashboard; another one is when somebody opens a Dashboard panel context menu.

Actions are pieces of code that execute in response to a trigger. For example, to the dashboard filtering trigger multiple actions can be attached. Once a user filters on the dashboard all possible actions are displayed to the user in a popup menu and the user has to chose one.

In general this plugin provides:

  • Creating custom functionality (actions).
  • Creating custom user interaction events (triggers).
  • Attaching and detaching actions to triggers.
  • Emitting trigger events.
  • Executing actions attached to a given trigger.
  • Exposing a context menu for the user to choose the appropriate action when there are multiple actions attached to a single trigger.

Basic usageedit

To get started, first you need to know a trigger you will attach your actions to. You can either pick an existing one, or register your own one:

  title: 'Pie chart click',
  description: 'When user clicks on a pie chart slice.',

Now, when user clicks on a pie slice you need to "trigger" your trigger and provide some context data:

  /* Custom context data. */

Finally, your code or developers from other plugins can register UI actions that listen for the above trigger and execute some code when the trigger is triggered.

  isCompatible: async (context) => true,
  execute: async (context) => {
    // Do something.
plugins.uiActions.attachAction('MY_APP_PIE_CHART_CLICK', 'DO_SOMETHING');

Now your DO_SOMETHING action will automatically execute when MY_APP_PIE_CHART_CLICK trigger is triggered; or, if more than one compatible action is attached to that trigger, user will be presented with a context menu popup to select one action to execute.