Installing sample dataedit

There are a couple ways to easily get data ingested into Elasticsearch.

Sample data packages available for one click installationedit

The easiest is to install one or more of our vailable sample data packages. If you have no data, you should be prompted to install when running Kibana for the first time. You can also access and install the sample data packages by going to the home page and clicking "add sample data".

makelogs scriptedit

The provided makelogs script will generate sample data.

node scripts/makelogs --auth <username>:<password>

The default username and password combination are elastic:changeme

Make sure to execute node scripts/makelogs after Elasticsearch is up and running!

CSV uploadedit

If running with a platinum or trial license, you can also use the CSV uploader provided inside the Machine learning app. Navigate to the Data visualizer to upload your data from a file.