Kibana 8.4.1edit

Review the following information about the Kibana 8.4.1 release.

Breaking changeedit

Breaking changes can prevent your application from optimal operation and performance. Before you upgrade, review the breaking change, then mitigate the impact to your application.

There are no breaking changes in Kibana 8.4.1.

To review the breaking changes in previous versions, refer to the following:

8.3.0 | 8.2.0 | 8.1.0 | 8.0.0 | 8.0.0-rc2 | 8.0.0-rc1 | 8.0.0-beta1 | 8.0.0-alpha2 | 8.0.0-alpha1

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixes alert tab crash on rule details page #139372
  • Fixes issue where some 8.3.x clusters failed to upgrade with a saved object migration failure #139427
Lens & Visualizations
  • Fixes table pagination in Lens and Aggregation-based visualization editors #139160