Kibana 7.13.3edit

For information about the Kibana 7.13.3 release, review the following information.

Breaking changesedit

Breaking changes can prevent your application from optimal operation and performance. Before you upgrade to 7.13.3, review the 7.13.0 breaking changes, then mitigate the impact to your application.

Bug Fixesedit

The 7.13.3 release includes the following bug fixes.

  • Fixes disabled viz filter is applied #101859
  • Fixes filters getting lost when hiding the chart #103100
Lens & Visualize Editors
  • Fixes wrong labels, for values that are implicitly cast to false in TSVB #103631
  • TSVB visualizations with no timefield do not render after upgrading from 7.12.1 to 7.13.0 #102494
  • Index pattern select field disappears on Annotation tab in TSVB #102314
  • Fixes geo alerts handling of multi-fields #100348
  • Fixes the Windows kibana-encryption-keys CLI by adding an entry point #102070
  • Fixes delayed status API updates in alerting and task_manager #101778
  • Fixes too_long_frame_exception by passing scroll_id in the request body #102972
  • Fixes environment filter in the User Experience app #102063