Kibana 7.13.2edit

For information about the Kibana 7.13.2 release, review the following information.

Breaking changesedit

Breaking changes can prevent your application from optimal operation and performance. Before you upgrade to 7.13.2, review the 7.13.0 breaking changes, then mitigate the impact to your application.

Bug Fixesedit

The 7.13.2 release includes the following bug fixes.

  • Fixes the double install button on the Integrations page #101511
  • Fixes an issue where integration packages were accidentally upgraded when they were added to an agent policy #101542
Lens & Visualizations
  • Fixes an issue where upgrading from 7.12.1 to 7.13.0 breaks TSVB vizualizations that don’t have a defined timefield #100864
  • Fixes the filter button in the log entry details flyout #101011
Machine Learning
  • Updates datafeed_high_count_network_denies.json #101681
  • Fixes management app race condition #100785
  • Fixes missing selected-interval styling for Explorer anomaly charts and mismatched scheduled markers styling #100272
  • Fixes an issue where EMS Boundaries with joins were unable to render #101604
  • Fixes the embeddables migrate function #101470