Kibana 7.10.2edit

For detailed information about the 7.10.2 release, review the following bug fixes.

For the breaking changes, refer to the breaking changes in 7.10.

Bug fixesedit

  • Don’t reset server log level if level is defined #83651
  • Fixes Duplicated Create New Modal #86489
  • Fixes value completion in the logs stream query bar #85772
Machine Learning
  • Fixes watcher URL to the Anomaly Explorer page #85123
  • Fixes Anomaly Explorer data refresh with relative time bounds #86142
  • Fixes zoom missing in Anomaly detection URLs #86182 and #86400
  • Fixes charts grid on the Anomaly Explorer page #86904
  • When number of replicas is set to zero, it is now correctly displayed in Index Lifecycle Management policies #85251
  • The list of data streams in Index Management now sorts numerically by the raw bytes value, which renders them in the correct order #86204
  • Fixes a bug where the enterprise level subscription displayed as platinum #85849
  • From table actions in the Cross-Cluster Replication app, you can now pause/resume index replication, unfollow leader index, or delete an auto-follow pattern #84433
  • Accessibility fix in Rollup Jobs app: when selecting a row in the jobs table, a screen reader pronounces the job’s name #84567
  • Makes alert status fetching more resilient #84676
  • Adds unmapped_type to additional queries #85837
  • Fixes 500 error when using PKI authentication with an incomplete certificate chain #86700