Explore the underlying data for a visualizationedit

Dashboard panels have an Explore underlying data action that navigates you to Discover, where you can narrow your documents to the ones you’ll most likely use in a visualization. This action is available for visualizations backed by a single index pattern.

You can access Explore underlying data in two ways: from the panel context menu or from the menu that appears when you interact with the chart.

Explore data from panel context menuedit

The Explore underlying data action in the panel menu navigates you to Discover, carrying over the index pattern, filters, query, and time range for the visualization.

Explore underlying data from panel context menu

Explore data from chart actionedit

Initiating Explore underlying data from the chart also navigates to Discover, carrying over the current context for the visualization. In addition, this action applies the filters and time range created by the events that triggered the action.

Explore underlying data from chart

To enable this action add the following line to your kibana.yml config.

xpack.discoverEnhanced.actions.exploreDataInChart.enabled: true