Enhancements and bug fixes


Enhancements and bug fixesedit

For detailed information about the 8.7.0 release, review the enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Bring flapping status and settings in o11y #150483
  • RenderCustomActionsRow with named params instead of args #149304
  • Ram 145739 use bulk enable disable in UI #145928
  • Create generic retry if function #145713
  • Return rules from bulk enable #145391
  • Create bulk disable endpoint #145179
  • Adding group by options to ES query rule type #144689
  • Adds APM alert status to the alerts table #150500
  • Promotes the Alerts tab in the APM UI to GA #150528
  • Switches get environment function to use terms_enum api #150175
  • Uses (rolled up) service metrics for service inventory #149938
  • Adds KQL filter bar to the service map page #149900
  • Integrates Alert search bar in the alerts tab #149610
  • Adds Azure Functions support in the APM UI #149479
  • Adds a 404 page #149471
  • Adds single-click setup from Kibana #148959
  • Updates sparklines to support the bar chart graph style #148702
  • Adds a flamegraph legend #147910
  • Adds API keys to APM package policies #147650
  • Only renders waterfall items up until 3 levels #147569
  • Improves span links navigation #147426
  • Updates default refresh interval to 60 seconds #146791
  • Adds pagination to source map API #145959
  • Adds ability to offset point labels on maps #145773
  • Adds new column `Updated on ` in `all cases list ` table. This column can be sorted and can persist sorting options #149116
  • Improves the design of all cases list select modal #149851
  • Adds a button to Case Detail and All Cases List to copy case UUIDs to the clipboard #148962
  • Adds the ability to persist sorting, severity filter, and status filter in the URL and local storage for the all cases list #148549
  • Adds the ability to allow sorting by status, severity, and title in the all-cases list #148193
  • See "My recently assigned cases" to the recent cases widget of Overview dashboard in Security #147763
  • Adds the ability to bulk edit assignees on multiple cases #146907
  • Adds the ability to save draft comments #146327
  • Add new panel settings option to change the title, description, and time range for panels #148301
  • Anchor time slider to start #148028
  • Show document count beside options list suggestions #146241
  • Show "Copy value" button for any grid cell #149525
  • Align field list filters UI between Discover and Lens #148547
  • Persist field list sections state in local storage #148373
  • Enable adhoc data views creation from no data views state #147850
  • Adds a way to quickly expand time range from "No results" screen #147195
  • Optimize checking for multifields during grid rendering #145698
  • Align field list sections between Discover and Lens #144412
  • Update Discover’s histogram to use Lens, and add support for breaking down the histogram by top values of a selected field #143117
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.7.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Enterprise Search
For the Elastic Enterprise Search 8.7.0 release information, refer to Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation Release notes.
  • Fixes discard changes link taking user to "page not found" #150174
  • Adds filebeat_input index to agent policy default #149974
  • Bugfix: Apply namespace from agent policy if there is one when adding integration #149949
  • Agent List: Inform users when agents have become inactive since last page view #149226
  • Experimental toggles for doc-value-only #149131
  • Create index templates and ingest pipeline at package policy creation time for input packages #148772
  • Do not allow namespace or dataset to be edited for input only package policies #148422
  • Adds deprecation warning to unenrollment timeout agent policy setting #147963
  • Adds active filter count to agent status filter #147821
Kibana UI
The list view in Dashboard, Visualize Library, Maps, and Graph now stores the latest state of the table in the URL #145517
Lens & Visualizations
  • Enable nice rounding for scalar axis in Lens #149388
  • Don’t block render on missing field in Lens #149262
  • Enable previous time shift when using a date histogram in Lens #149126
  • Displays the annotation icon on the annotation dimension label in Lens #147686
  • Extend explore data in Discover/open in Discover drilldown to visualizations with annotations and reference lines in Lens #147541
  • Moves the mosaic/waffle charts into GA in Lens #146261
  • Color by slice for multi-metric partition chart in Lens #145948
  • Save function to integrate listing Inspector #145381
  • Absolute time shift support in formula in Lens #144564
Machine Learning
  • Adding multi-modal distribution to the explain anomaly results #150014
  • Adding anomaly explanation help link #149674
  • Data Frame Analytics results view: add link to custom visualizations for viewing scatterplot charts #149647
  • Explain Log Rate Spikes: highlight field pairs unique to groups in expanded row #148601
  • Adds delete annotations option to delete and reset job modals #147537
  • Adds override for data which doesn’t contain a time field #147504
  • Adds responsive layout to Index data visualizer, fix doc count chart margin #147137
  • Use anomaly score explanation for chart tooltip multi-bucket impact #146866
  • Remove beta badge for Field statistics table in Discover #140991
  • Transforms: Adds "Use full data" button to transform creation wizard #150030
  • Adds override field to Dot expander processor form #149599
  • Adds fields to Append Ingest Pipeline processor form #149520
  • Adds support for S3 intelligent tiering in Snapshot and Restore #149129
  • Transforms: Adds date picker to transform wizard for data view with time fields #149049
  • Use data view formatter for fields preview in Edit field flyout #148446
  • Adds a new global ui settings client #146270
  • Update Transform installation mechanism to support upgrade paths #142920
Adds support for hex aggregation with geo_shape field #143890
  • Link to individual host page on hosts view #147380
  • Adds support for beats datastream patterns #146184
  • Custom equation editor for Metric Threshold Rule #148732
  • Adds context.originalAlertState to the Metric Threshold and Inventory Threshold recovery context #147928
Querying & Filtering
Allows case sensitive option on multiselection filters input #149570
  • The default csp.disableUnsafeEval value is now true, so now the unsafe-eval source expression isn’t present by default in the Kibana Content Security Policy (CSP) #150157
  • Adds client IP address to Kibana audit log #148055
  • Adds Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy: same-origin HTTP header to Kibana default response headers #147874
Enables multiple values filtering on tooltip actions #148372
TLS rule allow monitors filtering #150339

Bug fixesedit

  • Event log failure message #149355
  • Optimize alerting task runner for persistent (non-lifecycle rule types) #149043
  • Failed test x-pack/plugins/triggers_actions_ui/public/application/lib/transformActionVariables #147579
  • Rule create/update form re-render #147221
  • Hiding all features in a space causes rules to stop running #146188
  • Send complete test data to xMatters, so it can create an alert #145431
  • Hiding all features in a space causes rules to stop running #145372
  • Latency threshold rule’s threshold context variable should use milliseconds instead of microseconds #150234
  • Cannot read/write APM Settings Indices page with minimally-privileged user #150107
  • Adds service.environment log correlation #150065
  • Remove host.name correlation #150005
  • Fixes display of stacktrace with EuiCodeBlocks #149911
  • Alert rules: The transaction type and environment options are not filtered by the selected service #149849
  • Unable to create Latency threshold rule for All services or All Transaction types #149735
  • Adds language specific headers #149400
  • Adds stacktrace support for php #149122
  • Tech preview feature on General settings #148996
  • Fixes APM sourcemap upload route #148508
  • Change order of tabs #147518
  • Show values of highlighted sample in TopN chart #147431
  • Synchronous Anomaly detection jobs creation #145969
  • Change default refresh interval to 60 seconds #144389
  • Retain maximized panel on link/unlink from library #150405
  • Fixes Unlink from Library / Save to Library for Maximized Panel #150338
  • Fixes Darktheme is missing from add drilldowns panel #147270
  • Removes options list "Allow <x>" toggles #147216
  • Fixes a11y issue with dev tool tabs #149349
  • Fixes a11y issues with cross cluster replication flyouts #149069
  • Fixes a11y for snapshot policy flyout #148972
  • Fixes Phrase_filter query for scripted fields #148943
  • Use Discover locator for alert results link #146403
  • Validate if Data View time field exists on Alert creation / editing #146324
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.7.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Enterprise Search
For the Elastic Enterprise Search 8.7.0 release information, refer to Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation Release notes.
  • Truncate long names in agents table #150069
  • Update kubernetes templates for elastic-agent #143275
Remove ts-ignore annotation #145759
Lens & Visualizations
  • Always use resolved time range when computing Top values order agg with timeshifts in Lens #150418
  • Fixes problem with timeshift in formula and breakdown in Lens #150406
  • Fixes nested other bucket for empty string #150321
  • Fixes chart padding on reference lines/annotations icon on the left side in Lens #149573
  • Fixes the partition legend actions header format problem in Lens #149114
  • Automatically enable show array values for non-numeric runtime fields in Lens #149025
  • Always display the major label #148999
  • Adds multi fields support to selected fields list in Lens #148899
  • Allows cleaning up of the filters aggregatiob custom label in Lens #148535
  • Order date fields first on discover drilldown in Lens #146786
  • Fixes the syncing of other series color in Lens #146785
Machine Learning
  • Data Frame Analytics creation wizard: ensure includes table is populated correctly on job type change #150112
  • Data Frame Analytics maps view: Fix update of map when selecting results index node #149993
  • Fixes Typical to actual connector lines in AnomalyLayer have dot halfway #149270
  • Fixes responsive behaviour of page header with date picker #149073
  • Delayed data visualization: ensure y-axis count is visible #148982
  • Allow dedicated index override in JSON editor #148887
  • Anomaly Detection: Fix button switch issue with unmounted component #148239
  • Anomaly Detection: Fix Anomaly Explorer context handling #148231
  • Fixes modal titles #147855
  • Replace global GET /_mapping request with GET <index>/_mapping #147770
  • Fixes form validation UX when the same data view name already exists #146126
  • The field preview in the data view field editor now works for all fields, whether or not they are in the document’s _source #145943
  • Fixes Kibana maps should not override the sort field if not provided by the user #150400
  • Show embeddable filters in spatial layer #150078
  • Fixes Kibana Maps UI upload geojson failure should be received as such #149969
  • Verify CRS for geojson upload #148403
Use UI time range filter in logstash pipeline details query #150032
Adds ALERT_RULE_PARAMETERS to the common fields in Rule Registry #147458
Support cgroup v2 in core metric collection #147082