Enhancements and bug fixesedit

For detailed information about the 8.5.0 release, review the enhancements and bug fixes.


  • 141189 alerts table performance #141385
  • 141119 remove visibility toogle + use_columns refactor #141250
  • Adds Stats on top of execution logs #140883
  • Adds the Logs tab to Rules and Connectors UI #138852
  • Adds "exclude previous hits" check box to ESQuery rule form #138781
  • The ES Query Rule Type now supports Runtime Mappings and the Fields parameters when using an Elasticsearch DSL query #138427
  • Adds option to power APM inventory with service metrics #140868
  • Adds a sort order to the trace samples on the transaction details page #140589
  • Adds a tail-based sampling storage limit (APM integration) #140567
  • Adds AWS Lambda metrics to the "Metrics" tab #140550
  • Adds an experimental mode to the APM app #139553
  • Renames JVMs to Metrics #138437
  • Changes how partial data buckets are displayed #137533
Adds the ability to view panel-level filters and queries #136655
  • Enables Explore in Discover for adhoc data views in Lens #140726
  • Adds the ability to show actions inline in the Expanded Document view for quick access #140085
  • Updates the layout for unified histogram #139446
  • Adds new field stats in sidebar popover #139072
  • Adds ad-hoc data views #138283
  • Updates the formatter for aggregate_metric_double field values #138205
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.5.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Adds toggle for experimental synthetic _source support in Fleet data streams #140132
  • Enhances the package policy API to create or update a package policy API with a simplified way to define inputs #139420
  • Support new subscription and license fields #137799
  • Adds log-* index pattern support on SM UI #139121
  • Adds health API support for data ingested from package #138964
  • Adds support for integration package #138224
  • Adds the inital hosts page #138173
Lens & Visualizations
  • Adds the Collapse by option for partition charts in Lens #140336
  • Adds the ability to show the metric name if there are multiple layers with breakdowns in Lens #140314
  • Adds time scaling without date histogram in Lens #140107
  • Improves the field drag defaults in Lens #140050
  • Adds the time marker setting for time axis in Lens #139950
  • Adds the ability to make sure shard size stays stable for low number of sizes in TSVB, Lens, and Agg based visualizations #139791
  • Adds the one click filter to the Lens table #139701
  • Improves the metric palette behavior in Lens #139596
  • Adds separate dimension groups for mosaic rows and columns in Lens #139214
  • Adds display-infinity option to custom palette editor in Lens #139061
  • Adds TSDB support for Lens, TSVB and Timelion #139020
  • Adds the format selector to the new metric visualization in Lens #139018
  • Shows the edit/delete button while field stats are loading in Lens #138899
  • Adds auto mode for secondary metric prefix in Lens #138167
  • Adds open in Lens extendability #136928
  • Adds TSDB warning handling support for Lens, Agg based, and TSVB #136833
  • Adds reduced time range option in Lens #136706
  • Migrates xy visualization type to new unified xy expression #136475
  • Adds the ability to duplicate layers in Lens #140603
Machine Learning
  • Explain Log Rate Spikes: add main chart sync on row hover at group level #141138
  • Show "No anomalies found" message instead of empty swim lane #141098
  • Explain Log Rate Spikes: Group results API #140683
  • Match Data Visualizer/Field stats table content with the popover #140667
  • Explain Log Rate Spikes: Adds discover link to analysis table #139877
  • Adding ecs_compatibility setting for find structure calls #139708
  • Improves messaging when an anomaly detection forecast errors #139345
  • Anomaly Detection: adds maps link when source data contains geo fields #139333
  • Quickly create ML jobs from lens visualizations #136421
  • Url drilldown date helper now allows rounding up relative dates #137874
  • In CSV reports, an error message now appears on the job when fewer CSV rows are generated than expected #137800
  • Adds support for adhoc data views #140858
  • Timeslider control #139228
  • Support Vector tile runtime geo_point fields #139047
  • Show data view name in UI #138928
  • Adds ability to disable tooltips for layer #138275
  • Cancel button when editing by value from dashboard #137880
Adds audit events to "login-less" authentication flows (e.g. PKI, Kerberos) #139492
  • Project monitors - support lightweight project monitors #141066
  • Adds Actions popover menu #136992

Bug fixesedit

  • Render the grid only if we have alerts #142481
  • Alerts Table browser field - fix siem browser fields call #141431
  • Adds getActionsHealth method to return permanent encryption key existence #140535
  • Clarify rule notification values #140457
  • Actions are not able to configure a max number of attempts #138845
  • Elasticsearch Query Rule doesn’t have dark mode view for query #138631
  • Getting error about secrets not being saved when import a SO (Connector Saved Object) #138019
  • Provide indication of how many rules are using connector on Connector List view #137181
  • Remove check for infra data #142835
  • Prefer span metrics over span events #141519
  • Fixes search bar suggestions #141101
  • Sort trace samples #140589
Fixes pinned filters that backed up in Session Storage #142262
  • Adds support for line breaks in Document explorer #139449
  • Cancelled request errors for embeddables are now hidden #137690
  • Fixes legacy sort saved search stored in Dashboard saved objects #137488
  • Fixes column width handling #137445
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.5.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Enterprise Search
For the Elastic Enterprise Search 8.5.0 release information, refer to Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation Release notes.
  • Refresh search results when clearing category filter #142853
  • Respect default_field: false when generating index settings #142277
  • Fixes repeated debug logs when bundled package directory does not exist #141660
Fixes query bar autocomplete #140963
  • Adds support for Logstash datastream in standalone query #138689
Lens & Visualizations
  • Fixes the detailed tooltip wrap problem #142818
  • Fixes an issue where columns normalized by unit were unable to display properly on Dashboards for Lens metric visualizations #142741
  • Adds back ticks on bands in Lens #142702
  • Fixes guidance panel appearing for a moment when saving Graph #141228
  • Fixes pie filter without slice #141227
  • Fixes an issue where using annotations from different data views than the visualizations created panel breaks in TSVB #141104
  • Fixes drilldown url templates for sample data #141079
  • Fixes time shift with reduced time range tabification in Lens #141076
  • Fixes the time shifted pipeline agg in Lens #140723
  • Fixes an A11y issue where the query input doesn’t react to escape button in Lens #140382
  • Boolean values are now correctly formatted by default in TSVB #140308
  • All data views are no longer loaded on broken data view reference in Lens #139690
  • Removes the exclamation circle icon in TSVB #139686
  • Theme is now passed to visualize save modal #139685
  • Push-out behavior is now preserved for table cells when possible in Lens #139619
  • The metric visualization state is now cleared in Lens #139154
  • Adds the ability to set minimum table width for column split tables #139004
  • Adds the ability to scroll tall metric visualizations in Lens #138178
Machine Learning
  • Explain Log Rate Spikes: update more groups badge for clarity #142793
  • Fixes Index data visualizer doc count when time field is not defined #142409
  • Explain Log Rate Spikes: Fix error handling #142047
  • Fixes date picker not allowing unpause when refresh interval is 0 #142005
  • Fixes expanded row layout in the Nodes table #141964
  • Fixes links to Discover and Maps and custom URLs for jobs with a query in the datafeed #141871
  • The progress bar is now visible in Expression renderer #142699
  • Transforms: Preserves the field for unsupported aggs #142106
  • Removes unnecessary time units in ILM policy dialog #140815
  • Fixes search query builder to generate wildcard query for keyword fields #140629
  • Updates "Copy as cURL" to interpolate variables and strip request-body comments #140262
  • Fixes previewing data streams in template editor #140189
  • Fixes an issue where selecting requests with characters ending with {} was not possible #140068
  • Filters that are associated with an unknown data view, such as deleted data views, are no longer automatically disabled, but now instead display a warning message #139431
  • Watches no longer get stuck in a "Firing" state in Watcher #138563
  • Fixes an issue where data view search results were not showing the value of mapped fields that shared a name with a runtime field #138471
  • Fixes Go To - lat/long values outside expected range cause blank Maps app #141873
  • Fixes scaling and term join in product help popover width #139120
  • Fixes legacy tile_map and region_map visualizations do not display title in Map embeddable action modals #139054
  • Fixes Filters applied to map visualization not preserved when added to dashboard #138188
Health api: account for ccs in indices regex #137790
  • Fixes Alert tab goes blank in APM because of Alert Details page feature flag #142188
  • Update links to Observability rule management #140009
  • Fixes an issue where the expressions executor stopped on failing partially emitted results #142105
  • A 0 is now returned when there are no overdue tasks for capacity estimation #140720
  • The task health calculation now never returns Error or Warning, but logs the HealthStatus #139274
  • Fixes Next and Previous button on step screenshot carousel #141422
  • Fixes disrupted UI on Browser Test Results` step screenshots #139017