Enhancements and bug fixes


Enhancements and bug fixesedit

For detailed information about the 8.4.0 release, review the enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Adds snooze state UI to Rule Details page #135146
  • Adds Snooze Scheduling UI and API #134512
  • Adds recovery context for ES query rule type #132839
  • Visualize alerting metrics in Stack Monitoring #123726
  • Markdown element auto-applies text changes #133318
  • Lines operations keybindings #132914
  • Detailed tooltip #131116
  • Improved the cases search bar functionality. The search functionality will only consider the title and description fields #136776
  • Performance improvements were made to reduce the time required to create, update, and delete cases and comments. In our testing we saw around a half second reduction in the round trip time for the UI requests #136452
Hide controls callout when the hideAnnouncements setting is true #136410
  • Adds an H1 tag with the workpad title when viewing workpads #135504
  • Improve keyboard navigation in Discover top nav menu #134788
  • Improves the HTML formatting of fields with a list of values #136684
  • Adds support for accessing the edit field flyout from the document explorer column popover #135277
  • Adds support for copying the query from the add rule flyout #135098
  • Adds focus to h1 on navigate for single document and surrounding document views #134942
  • Improves the creation and editing of "Elasticsearch query" rule in Management #134763
  • Adds data view changed warning after alert rule created #134674
  • Make Test query button pretty #134605
  • Improves the document explorer timestamp tooltip accessibility #134411
  • Adds focus to h1 element when client side routing is executed #133846
  • Adds an option to copy column values to Clipboard in Document Explorer #132330
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.4.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Remove Kubernetes Package granularity #136622
  • Elastic-agent manifests: align with elastic-agent repo; add comments #136394
  • Configure source URI in global settings and in agent policy settings #136263
  • Adds Kubernetes in platforms selection list && update managed agent installation steps #136109
  • That PR will enable user to write custom ingest pipeline for Fleet installed datastream #134578
  • Update manifests for agent on kubernetes with new permissions #133495
  • Adds support for a textarea type in integrations #133070
Kibana Home & Add Data
Adds AnalyticsNoDataPage #134172
Lens & Visualizations
  • Adds supports for include and exclude terms in Lens #136179
  • Adds the ability to set top values limit to 10,000 in Lens #136399
  • Addss value count to Lens #136385
  • Adds standard deviation function in Lens #136323
  • Adds the ability to set the font size for mosaic outer level in Lens #135911
  • Adds the ability to rank top values by custom metric in Lens #134811
  • Adds the ability to convert TSVB series agg to Lens configuration #134681
  • Adds the ability to allow multiple split accessors #134566
  • Adds the ability to render newlines in data table in Lens #134441
  • Extends Axis bounds for XY chart when using Interval operation in Lens #134020
  • Adds the ability to use pick_max instead of clamp for positive only #133460
  • Adds a new pick_min/max operation and clamp fixes in Lens #132449
  • Adds support for percentile_ranks aggregation in Lens #132430
  • Implements the ability to drag and drop between layers in Lens #132018
  • Adds optimization for percentiles fetching in Lens #131875
Machine Learning
  • Adds tooltips for disabled actions in the Trained Models list #137176
  • Data visualizer: Add field types in-product help #137121
  • Plot zero scores on the Overall anomaly swim lane #136951
  • One-way cursor sync added from Anomaly detection swimlane to other charts #136775
  • Adds action to view datafeed counts chart to jobs list rows #136274
  • Data Visualizer: Remove duplicated geo examples, support version type, add filters for boolean fields, and add sticky header to Discover #136236
  • Adds a link to ML trained models list from ID in Stack Management app table #135700
  • Adds information callouts to trained model testing flyout #135566
  • Limit Use full data button in anomaly detection job wizards to past data only #135449
  • Replace a fixed Y-axis width with a max width setting for Anomaly Swim Lane Embeddable #135436
  • Adds support for setting threading params when starting a trained model deployment #135134
  • Refactors Management page to focus on space management tasks #134893
  • Disable the Single Metric Viewer button for not viewable jobs #134048
  • Anomaly Detection: allow snapshot to be reverted from the view datafeed flyout #133842
  • Transforms: Adds per-transform setting for num_failure_retries to creation wizard and edit flyout and authorization info #135486
  • Transforms: Adds sorting to audit messages tab #135047
  • Console now supports saving the state of folding/unfolding of commands #134810
  • Render most severe response status code from Console response pane #134627
  • You can now create variables in Console #134215
  • Make index template previews copyable #134060
  • Console now supports adding comments in the body of a request by using // for a single line and /*....*/ for multiline comments #133852
  • Surface HTTP status badges next to each response in Console #132494
  • Adds updated essql expression function #132332
  • Adds a "get all" REST API for data views: GET /api/data_views #131683
  • Automatically display the maps legend #136872
  • Custom raster source example plugin #136761
  • Label zoom range style property #136690
  • Adjust icon size when cluster resolution changes #136573
  • Adds context for No longer contained geo-containment alert #136451
  • Keydown+scroll to zoom #135330
  • Synchronize map views in dashboard and canvas #134272
  • Adds spatial filter from cluster #133673
  • Customizable colors in basemaps #131576
  • Prefer DataView client over SavedObjects client when possible #136694
  • Use proper header nesting #136559
  • Removes "no data" redirects for observability overview #136442
  • Allow connectors to explicitly register which features they will be available in #136331
  • Display node details metrics for kubernetes containers #135585
  • Replace sourceId with mandatory logView prop in LogStream component #134850
  • Backend operation distribution chart #134561
  • Display top spans for operation #134179
  • Show descriptive loading, empty and error states in the metrics table #133947
  • Backend operations detail view + metric charts #133866
  • Backend operations list view #133653
  • Upgrade Kibana logs to ECS 8.4 #136362
  • Adds error messaging to the report contents when there is a timeout in page setup #134868
  • Adds migrations.discardCorruptObjects flag #132984
  • Adds migrations.discardUnknownObjects flag #132167
Querying & Filtering
Hides the tour component when the hideAnnouncements uiSetting is on #135990
Eliminates the need for a full page reload when navigating to a user profile page #135543

Bug fixesedit

  • Error message hidden after closing action accordion #136570
  • Allow wildcard search on rule’s name and tags #136312
  • Fixes Filter not saving the selected Sort field option #136085
  • Fixes "Element status" is inaccurate for grouped elements #135829
  • Fixes Canvas filter behaviour on table #134801
  • Fixes Uploaded asset not being saved #133166
  • Lines operations keybindings #132914
  • Fixes pointseries don’t get updated on datasource change #132831
  • Fixing ES index connector so that it can index into data streams as well as indices #136011
  • Verify emails when creating an email connector, even if allowedDomain #133859
Fixes Copy to dashboard includes filters #136275
  • Fixes hiding histogram for rollup data views #137157
  • Fixes filtering out custom meta fields of Elasticsearch plugins enhanced documents #137147
  • Disables refresh interval for data views without time fields and rollups #137134
  • Fixes Discover breadcrumb losing context after page refresh or when opening in a new tab #136749
  • Improves support for pinned filters in surrounding documents #135722
  • Fixes flaky accessibility functional tests #135596
  • Improves alerts popover accessibility and semantics #135270
  • Migrate from savedObjectsClient to dataViews and fix the displayed data view name #135142
  • Removes _type of metaFields to remove of sidebar #134453
  • Fixes legacy sort parameter provided by URL #134447
  • Make footer visible under Document Explorer if sample size is less than hits number #134231
  • Do not update defaultIndex in case of insufficient permissions #134202
  • Fixes flaky test for "allows editing of a newly created field" #132812
  • Fixes flaky test for "context encoded URL params" #132808
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.4.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Using point in time for agent status query to avoid discrepancy #135816
Lens & Visualizations
  • Make reference line chart more robust in Lens #137101
  • Format the label with the right default formatter in TSVB #136934
  • Removes extra space from the legend when it is positioned on top/bottom #135982
  • Display Y-axis tick labels #135976
  • Fixes Date histogram bounds calculation doesn’t update "now" #135899
  • Fixes internal links in Vega #135890
  • Do not set non-unique id for legend action popovers in Lens #135656
  • Fixes non-editable Lens panel when using prefix wildcard in Lens #135654
  • Removes saved search references from all places on unlink in Visualize #135628
  • Fix multi-field top values for Heatmap visualizations in Lens #135581
  • Fixes styling issues in Lens #135406
  • Show badge for read-only in Lens #135313
  • Don’t let reference line fills on different axes collide in Lens #135299
  • Fixes css specificity issue in TSVB #135245
  • Always show palette on first dimension for mosaic in Lens #135198
  • Wrong visType for horizontal_bar visualization #135013
  • Unlinking Some Agg Based Visualizations Results in Unsaved Changes in Visualize #134229
  • Fixes an issue where ellipsis truncation is not visible in table visualization cells, and letters are cut off in Lens #134065
  • Switching dashboard mode doesn’t update missing data view prompt in Visualize #133873
  • Fixes application of suffix formats in Lens #133780
  • Error messages not centered in TSVB #133288
  • Use correct time zone for time shifting #133141
Machine Learning
  • Lock the delete annotation button on click #137306
  • Fixes globally pinned filters in Data visualizer and query search bar not clearing properly for saved searches #136897
  • Fixes overflow in start datafeed modal #136292
  • Fixes error in categorization wizard summary step #134228
  • Fixes flaky job selection on the Anomaly Explorer page #137596
  • Fixes query in the Anomaly Explorer when viewing a job with no influencers #137670
  • Fixes the Dashboard saving indicator with Anomaly Swim Lane embeddable #137989
  • Anomaly detection job wizards now use data view names #138255
  • The ILM UI now supports configuring policies with rollover based on max_primary_shard_docs #137364
  • Fixes a bug in Console when sending a request with encoded characters resulted in an error #136788
  • Fixes a bug where the autocomplete popup remains open when navigating away from Console #136268
  • Fixes a bug in Index Management where the number of documents for an index could appear wrong #135748
  • Fixes a bug in the Painless code editor that was incorrectly handling expressions with multiple division operators #135423
  • Transforms: Fixes unsupported boolean filter when cloning #137773
  • Transforms: Fixes restoring a field name with the exists filter aggregation #138630
  • Transforms: Fixes data view error on cloning due to missing indices #138756
  • Fixes Watcher stuck firing state #138563
  • Fixes "other" is always shown in legend for category styling rules #137008
  • Fixes Tooltip loses pages on refresh #135593
  • Fixes Pinned filters should be visible on new maps without user having to do any action on layers #135465
  • Keep timeframe when editing a map from a dashboard #135374
  • Reduce precision of coordinates for geo imports #135133
  • Fixes onDataLoadEnd and onDataLoadError event handler callbacks only called for source data requests #134786
  • Fixes sort not applied to vector tile search request #134607
  • Fixes array values out of order in tooltips #134588
Removes beta icon from logstash pipeline #131752
  • Invalid array value is permitted in Origin Headers for RUM configuration #137228
  • When comparison feature is disabled, we still see the shaded area #137223
  • Fixes responsivity Alert Summary chart in the Rule details page #137175
  • Fixes custom link filter select value #137025
  • Fixes Spark plots loading state when there are no data #136817
  • Adds support for metrics for latency distribution histogram #136594
  • Navigation from Span to Service breaks due to wrong transactionType #136569
  • Breadcrumbs not updating from service jump on service map #136144
  • Adds support for metrics for latency distribution histogram #136083
  • Disallow spaces in index pattern #135977
  • WrappedElasticsearchClientError: Request aborted #135752
  • Fixes waterfall skew due to accordion left margins #135544
  • Service inventory: detailed stats fetched for all services #134844
  • Update network fields #134471
  • Fixes Metrics Table Pod link to Details Page #134354
  • Adds last updated at label and fix started at label #134254
  • Adds event module filter to metrics table #133872
  • APM Correlations: Fixes chart errors caused by inconsistent histogram range steps #138259
  • Migrations wait for index status green if create index returns acknowledged=false or shardsAcknowledged=false #136605
  • Fixes CSV generator to include unmapped fields in the search source #132972
Fixes keyboard and screen reader navigation for the spaces selector #134454