Enhancements and bug fixesedit

For detailed information about the 8.3.0 release, review the enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Adds helper text in the edit rule form about the change in privileges when saving the rule #131738
  • Display rule API key owner to users who can manage API keys #131662
Fixes reference line overlay #132607
  • Show a warning for deprecated preconfigured connectors #132237
  • Reduce space taken by the reporter column in the all cases table #132200
  • Adds a tooltip to show truncate tags in Cases #132023
  • Adds the ability to create a case from within the selection case modal #128882
Content Management
The list view for Dashboard, Visualize Library, Maps, and Graph has a new "Last updated" column to easily access content that has been recently modified #132321
  • Improves the banner #132301
  • Adds Analytics No Data Page #132188
  • Adds field first control creation #131461
  • Make text field based Options list controls case Insensitive #131198
  • Allow existing controls to change type #129385
  • Adds an option to hide specified filter actions from SearchBar filter panels #132037
  • Adds Analytics No Data Page #131965
  • Adds close button to field popover using Document Explorer #131899
  • Adds monospace font in Document Explorer #131513
  • Adds a tour for Document Explorer #131125
  • Display current interval setting #130850
  • Adds a direct link from sample data to Discover #130108
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.3.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Move integration labels below title and normalise styling #134360
  • Adds First Integration Multi Page Steps Flow MVP (cloud only) #132809
  • Optimize package installation performance, phase 2 #131627
  • Adds APM instrumentation for package install process #131223
  • Adds "Label" column + filter to Agent list table #131070
  • Adds cache-control headers to key /epm endpoints in Fleet API #130921
  • Optimize package installation performance, phase 1 #130906
  • Adds experimental features (feature flags) config to fleet plugin #130253
  • Adds redesigned Fleet Server flyout #127786
Lens & Visualizations
  • Renders no data component if there is no Elasticsearch data or dataview in Visualize #132223
  • Swaps dimensions for mosaic in Lens #131945
  • Adds log and sqrt scale in Lens #131940
  • Adds collapse fn to table and xy chart in Lens #131748
  • Allow filtering on metric vis in Lens #131601
  • Improved interval input in Lens #131372
  • Adds the Discover drilldown to Lens #131237
  • Update defaults for metric vis in Lens #129968
  • Adds range event annotations in Lens #129848
  • Adds accuracy mode for Top Values in Lens #129220
  • Adds type murmur3 into the Lens fields list #129029
Machine Learning
  • Optimize resize behaviour for the Anomaly Explorer page #132820
  • Wizard validation improvements #132615
  • Support version fields in anomaly detection wizards #132606
  • Context for recovered alerts #132496
  • Adding UI for question_answering model testing #132033
  • Adds recognized modules links for Index data visualizer #131342
  • Anomaly Detection: Adds View in Maps item to Actions menu in the anomalies table #131284
  • Adding v3 modules for Security_Linux and Security_Windows and Deprecating v1 + v2 #131166
  • Data Frame Analytics creation wizard: add support for filters in saved searches #130744
  • Edit job selection on data frame analytics results and map pages #130419
  • Resizable/Collapsible Top Influencers section #130018
  • Adds context for recovered alerts #132707
  • Adds warnings for managed system policies #132269
  • Skip empty prompt screen #130862
  • Console now supports properly handling multiple requests. For es errors such as 400, 405 exception results are displayed with successful request results in the order they called #129443
  • Display vector tile API response in Console #128922
  • Adds option to disable keyboard shortcuts #128887
  • Show marker size in legend #132549
  • Fixes marker size scale issue for counts #132057
  • Scale marker size by area #131911
  • Localized basemaps #130930
  • Support term joins for Elasticsearch document source with vector tile scaling #129771
  • Allow feature editing for document layers with "applyGlobalTime", "applyGlobalQuery", and joins #124803
  • Bumps synthetics integration package to 0.9.4 #133423
  • Immediately re-run monitors in the synthetics service when they’re edited #132639
  • Enables log flyouts on APM logs tables #132617
  • Adds logging to Metric Threshold Rule #132343
  • Adds Page load distribution chart to overview page #132258
  • Show experimental locations only when a particular flag is enabled #132063
  • Trace explorer #131897
  • Static Java agent version list becomes stale quickly #131759
  • Adds recovery context to Log Threshold rule #131279
  • Adds recovery context to the Metric Threshold rule #131264
  • Adds context variables to recovery alerts for Inventory Threshold rule #131199
  • Copy alert state to alert context and implement alert recovery #128693
  • Progressive fetching (experimental) #127598
  • Replace environment dropdown with SuggestionsSelect in landing pages and service overview page #126679
  • Store Logs UI settings in a dedicated infrastructure-monitoring-log-view saved object #125014
  • The saved objects management table has a new "Last updated" column to easily access recently modified saved objects #132525
  • Sync panels tooltips on dashboard level #130449
Querying & Filtering
  • Support fields custom label on filter editor #130533
  • Allows comma delimiter on the filters multiple selections dropdowns #130266
  • Disallows creating a role with an existing name in the role management page. Introduces an optional boolean createOnly parameter in the create role API to prevent overwriting existing roles; the default value is false, preserving the original API behavior #132218
  • Adds experimental csp.disableUnsafeEval config option. Set this to true to remove the unsafe-eval source expression from the script-src Content Security Policy (CSP) directive. The default value is false, which is identical to the original Kibana behavior #124484

Bug fixesedit

  • Don’t load connectors and connector types when there isn’t an encryptionKey #133335
  • Adds cloud icon "ess-icon" at the end of the config keys in "alerting" #131735
  • Fixes optional spaceId in rules_client #130704
Content Managment
Fixes the listingLimit settings url #129701
  • Adds Fatal Error Handling #133579
  • Hide in Print Mode #133446
  • Send Control State to Reporting Via Locator #133425
  • Fixes new controls causing unsaved changes bug #132850
  • Keyboard shortcut popup #133069
  • Adding aria-label for discover data grid select document checkbox #131277
  • Adds item descriptions to edit button screen reader labels in TableListView #125334
  • Hide "Add a field", "Edit" and "Create a data view" buttons in viewer mode #134582
  • Unify definition of field names and field descriptions #134463
  • Address "Don’t call Hooks" React warnings #134339
  • Include current filters into "Test query" request #134184
  • Prevent rule flyout from being open simultaneously with other popovers like search suggestions #132108
  • Fixes link to open new window #131930
  • Discover Classic View Filter In/Out placement when truncate:maxHeight is set to 0 #129942
  • Fixes inconsistent usage of arrow icons on Surrounding documents page #129292
  • Show a fallback empty message when no results are found #128754
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.3.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Bulk reassign kuery optimize #134673
  • Fixes flickering tabs layout in add agent flyout #133769
  • Adds $ProgressPreference to windows install command in flyout #133756
  • Fixes sorting by size on data streams table #132833
Pass decorated server to routes #133264
Lens & Visualizations
  • Hide null cells in Heatmap #134450
  • Fixes formula generate error in Lens #134434
  • Better default for date_range agg in Visualize #134220
  • Keep suggestions stable in Lens #134212
  • Fixes voiceover drag and drop in Lens #134196
  • Fixes palette bug #134159
  • Fixes multi index pattern load on the server in TSVB #134091
  • Fixes axis title visibility bug in Lens #134082
  • Fixes broken drilldowns for gauges and heatmaps in Lens #134008
  • Fixes application of suffix formats in Lens #133780
  • Do not show edit field for record field in Lens #133762
  • Fixes discover drilldown for non-time field case in Lens #133334
  • Do not reset session on Lens load with filters in Lens #133191
  • Fixes transition issue in Lens #132956
  • Escape label in lodash set command in TSVB #132932
  • Changing the Data View logic with an initially missed Data View does not work in TSVB #132796
  • Terms with keyword field with "numbers" is displayed with a weird date in TSVB #132226
  • TSVB] Chart is failing when the user tries to add a percentile_rank #132105
  • Fixes metric label font size in Visualize #132100
  • Datatable: Do not apply truncation in value popover in Lens #132005
  • Fixes percentile rank math in TSVB #132003
  • Fixes timezone bucket shift in Timelion #131213
  • Fixes vega controls layout in Vega #130954
  • Fixes requesting not permitted or used data views in Timelion #130899
  • Fixed bugs when using include/exclude options for Terms in TSVB #130884
  • Make series agg work after math in TSVB #130867
  • Use elastic-charts axis calculation in Lens #130429
  • Make suggestions depend on active data in Lens #129326
  • Adds back setMapView function in Vega #128914
  • Fixes the Order by setting for split chart in metric and custom metric visualizations #128185
Machine Learning
  • Fixes creation of the custom URLs for Kibana Dashboard #134248
  • Fixes expanded row stats not loading all correctly whenever sort by cardinality #134113
  • Fixes Data visualizer showing 0 count in the doc count chart even though documents do exist #134083
  • Fixes querying anomalies for the Single Metric Viewer #133419
  • Fixes Anomaly Charts filtering based on the swim lane job selection #133299
  • Fixes handling of unrecognised URLs #133157
  • Prevent duplicate field selection in detector modal #133018
  • Fixes single metric job with doc_count field #132997
  • Hide job messages clear notifications tooltip on click #132982
  • Filtering category runtime fields in advanced wizard #132916
  • Fixes trained model testing so it is available for users with ML read permissions #132698
  • Adding type for job summary state #131643
  • Fixes linebreaks (\r\n) mis-applied from history #131037
  • Fixes Kibana DevTool Copy as CURL does not url encode special chars in indice date math #130970
  • Fixes cat APIs returning as escaped string #130638
  • Fixes Elasticsearch doc VIEW IN CONSOLE will clean local Kibana console form history #127430
  • Fixes icon markers fail to load when browser zoomed out #134367
  • Hide create filter UI in canvas #133943
  • Use label features from ES vector tile search API to fix multiple labels #132080
  • Fixes Map panels should not show the user controls in a dashboard report #131970
  • Show "no results" found for vector tile aggregations when there are no results #130821
  • Prevent exceptions in rule when no data present #131332
  • Fixes displaying ES version for external collection #131194
  • Fixes node type detection for external collection #131156
  • Use server.publicBaseUrl in Alert links #131154
  • Fixes x-axis on error charts #134193
  • Display ENVIRONMENT_ALL label instead of value #133616
  • Fixes normalizers to not parse list values if they are already parsed #133563
  • Change bucket_scripts to use params for thresholds #133214
  • Use Observability rule type registry for list of rule types #132484
  • APM anomaly rule type should appear in observability rules page #132476
  • Fixes monitors details page errors #132196
  • Set a valid service_name for python APM onboarding #131959
  • Rename service groups template titles and links #131381
  • Show service group icon only for service groups #131138
  • Refactor Metric Threshold rule to push evaluations to Elasticsearch #126214
  • Ellipsis truncation issue - dependencies and service section #122203
  • Fixes lookback window for anomalies for anomaly alert #93389
Fixes error handling on precommit hook #132998
Prevents Kibana from bootlooping during migrations when Elasticsearch routing allocation settings are incompatible #131809
Querying & Filtering
Allows the negative character on the number type fields #130653
Remove controls from reports #134240
  • Session view process events index will now match on prefixed index #133984
  • Timestamp issue fix + updated Jest to include mock date format #132290
  • Session view alerts loading improvements, and other polish / bug fixes #131773