Enhancements and bug fixes


Enhancements and bug fixesedit

For detailed information about the 8.2.0 release, review the enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Adds error logs in rule details page #128925
  • Simplify error banner on rules #128705
  • Adds Previous Snooze button #128539
  • Adds Snooze UI and Unsnooze API #128214
  • Adds aggs to know how many rules are snoozed #128212
  • Adds a connector for xMatters #122357
  • Adds option to open dashboard drilldowns in new tab or window #125773
  • Adds range slider Control #125584
Adds ability to edit histogram as vis #125705
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.2.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Enterprise Search
For the Elastic Enterprise Search 8.2.0 release information, refer to Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation Release notes.
  • Merge settings & mappings component template in @package #128498
  • Redesign agent flyout #128381
  • Adds a link from agent details page to agent dashboard #127882
  • Update add agent instructions in fleet managed mode for Kubernetes #127703
  • Added time_series_metric mapping for metric_type package field #126322
  • Added support for dimension field #126257
  • Refactor auto upgrade package policies logic #125909
  • Move mappings from index template to component template #124013
Lens & Visualizations
  • Adds normalize_by_unit function and option in Lens #128303
  • Adds suffix formatter in Lens #128246
  • Adds Xy gap settings in Lens #127749
  • Implements null instead of zero switch in Lens #127731
  • Adds ability to include empty rows setting for date histogram in Lens #127453
  • Adds support for multi rows headers for the table visualization in Lens #127447
  • Adds ability to open Lens visualizations in Discover from dashboards #127355
  • Auto-set exists filtering for last value in Lens #127251
  • Adds ability to include number of values in default terms field label in lens #127222
  • Adds ability to drop partial buckets option in Lens #127153
  • Addds ability to allow top metric for last value in Lens #127151
  • Improves Datatable content height with custom row height in Lens #127134
  • Adds ability to set legend pixel width in Lens #126018
  • Adds underlying data editor navigation in Lens #125983
  • Adds top metrics aggregation to AggConfigs, Expressions, and Visualize #125936
  • Adds the ability to detach from global time range in Lens #125563
  • Adds last value, min and max on dates, allow last value on ip_range, number_range, and date_range in Lens #125389
  • Adds version-aware sorting to data table in Lens #125361
  • Cancel discarded searches in Timelion #125255
  • Cancel discarded searches in TSVB #125197
  • Adds the ability to allow users to disable auto-apply in Lens #125158
  • Adds Filter custom label for kibanaAddFilter in Vega #124498
  • Adds metric Viz config options, title position, and sizing in Lens #124124
  • Adds the ability to make graph edges easier to click #124053
  • Adds "Show empty rows" options to intervals function in Lens #118855
Machine Learning
  • Combines annotations into one block if multiple annotations overlap #128782
  • Adds throughput_last_minute to the deployment stats #128611
  • Adds new API endpoint to improve anomaly chart performance #128165
  • Utilize ML memory stats endpoint for the memory overview chart #127751
  • Deleting trained model space checks #127438
  • Show at least one correlation value and consolidate correlations columns #126683
  • Include fields not in docs in Data Visualizer field name control #126519
  • Anomaly Explorer performance enhancements #126274
  • Fixes Index data visualizer reaching Elasticsearch rate request limits #124898
  • Adds cache for data recognizer module configs to reduce number of privilege checks #126338
  • Extend Transform Health alerting rule with error messages check #128731
  • Enable opening queries from any UI #127461
  • No Data Views Component #125403
  • Remove usage of max file size advanced setting 1GB limit in geo file upload #127639
  • Adds support for geohex_grid aggregation #127170
  • Lens choropleth chart #126819
  • Register GeoJson upload with integrations page #126350
  • Support custom icons in maps #113144
  • Guided setup progress #128382
  • Enable check for public beta #128240
  • Guided setup button on the overview page #128172
  • Show warning when users exceed a Synthetics Node throttling limits #127961
  • Adds logging to Inventory Threshold Rule #127838
  • O11y rules page #127406
  • Enrich documents generated by the synthetics service with port information #127180
  • Make UI indices space aware (support for spaces) #126176
  • Setting for default env for service inventory #126151
  • Alerts in overview page #125337
  • Adds log rate to Exploratory View #125109
  • Support switching between log source modes #124929
  • Overview style updates #124702
  • Adds full screen/copy button ability in browser inline script editing #124500
  • Update position of legend and it’s controls #115854
Allow customizing Elasticsearch client maxSockets #126937

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixes bug when providing a single value to the fields query parameter of the Cases find API #128143
  • Fixes the count of alerts in the cases table. Only unique alerts are being counted #127721
  • Do not show the lens action if Visualize feature is not enabled #127613
  • Fixes control removal #128699
  • Select televant data view ID #128440
  • Close controls flyouts on unmount, save, and view mode change #128198
  • Account for hidden time column in default sort #129659
  • Make field icons consistent across field list and doc tables #129621
  • Fixes Filter for field present in expanded document view of Document Explorer #129588
  • Cancel long running request after navigating out from Discover #129444
  • Fixes height of JSON tab in Document flyout when using Document explorer in Safari #129348
  • Fixes stuck action menu in expanded document sidebar #127588
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.2.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Lens & Visualizations
  • Fixes multi index pattern load bug in TSVB #130428
  • Handle empty values for range formatters #129572
  • Apply pinned filters to Lens #129503
  • Imported vislib pie triggers unsaved viz warning when embedded on a dashboard in Visualize #129336
  • Fixes auto session-renewal on non-timebased data views in Lens #129313
  • Fixes steps behavior to happen at the change point in TSVB #128741
  • Improve check for 0 opacity in TSVB #128630
  • Fixes firefox scrollbars in Vega #128515
  • Log data tables properly in Lens #128297
  • Fixes annotation bounds bug in TSVB #128242
  • Make sure x axis values are always strings in Lens #128160
  • Use default number formatter as fallback if nothing else is specified in Timelion #128155
  • Enable Save&Return button for canvas when dashboard permissions are off in Visualize #128136
  • Fixes permission problem for "Save and return" button in Lens #127963
  • Restore operation auto switch based on field type in Lens #127861
  • Fixes mosaic color syncing in Lens #127707
  • Make edge selection work #127456
  • Remove opacity for fitting line series #127176
  • Handle line/area fitting function when the editor has started with bar configuration in Visualize #126891
  • Preserve custom label when changing with multi-terms settings in Lens #126773
  • Fixes multi terms fields validation in Lens #126618
  • Make Embeddable resilient when toggling actions in Lens #126558
  • Make graph app resilient to no fields or missing data views #126441
  • Fixes Formula to Quick functions does not preserve custom formatting in Lens #124840
  • Inspector displays only visible content #124677
  • Coloring tooltips in Heatmap are not properly positioned in Visualize #124507
  • Adds rison helper and URL encoding for drilldown urls in TSVB #124185
Machine Learning
  • Fixes alignment of Anomaly Explorer swim lane annotations label on Firefox #130274
  • Fixes Single Metric Viewer chart failing to load if no points during calendar event #130000
  • Fixes Single Metric Viewer for jobs that haven’t been run #129063
  • Fix outlier detection results exploration color legend display #129058
  • Fixes new anomaly detection job from saved search with no query filter #129022
  • Fixes data frame analytics map saved object sync warning #128876
  • Adds error toast to Data visualizer when using unpopulated time field #127196
  • Transforms: Fix to not pass on default values in configurations #129091
  • Encode + sign in ISO8601 time range in query #126660
  • Fixes lens region map visualization throws a silent error #129608
  • Fixes double click issue when deleting a shape #124661
  • Exclude Malwarescore + Ransomware EP alerts from DRule telemetry #130233
  • Rename "APM & Fleet Server" to "Integrations Server" #128574
  • Fixes sorting by node status on nodes listing page #128323
  • Service environment should be selected when you edit the agent configuration #129929
  • Adds migration to include synthetics and heartbeat indices on 8.2.0 #129510
  • Rules summary on the Alerts view is not showing the count of rules #129052
  • Fixes shadow for overview panels #128878
  • Ensure rum_allow_origins setting only saves valid YAML strings #128704
  • Standardize NOW as startedAt from executor options #128020
  • Fixes synthetics recorder file upload #127614
  • Service Maps popover detail metrics are aggregates over all transaction types #125580
  • Fixes an issue where duplicate data appears in the inspector datatable in Lens for heatmap visualizations, and stale data persists in the inspector datatable when you remove layers #126786
  • Fixes an issue that caused Kibana to become unresponsive while generating a PDF report #124787
  • Fixes an issue where an unfriendly notification title displays after you create a report #123607
  • Fixes styles for "You do not have permission" screen #129715
  • Change session expiration to override on app leave behavior #129384