Enhancements and bug fixes


Enhancements and bug fixesedit

For detailed information about the 8.14.0 release, review the enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Adds history chart for multiple conditions (#180578).
  • Show Alerting rule JSON for API requests (#180085).
  • Implement tabbed design for existing alert detail pages (#179529).
  • Adds new rule type selection modal (#179285).
  • Moves alerts filter controls to @kbn/alerts-ui-shared package (#179243).
  • Improves alerts table actions column performance (#178632).
  • Adds Insights component to alerts details (#178330).
  • Adds support to dhow the number of additional filters that are applied on the alerts table (#177275).
  • Adds error boundary to AlertsTable (#176412).
  • Improves the performance of join_by_key (#175177).
  • Show Universal Profiling data on transaction details page (#176922).
  • Adds support for the Jira connector API to support the otherFields property to pass additional fields to be used when updating or creating issues via the Jira API (#178627).
  • Reorganized panel actions in the actions menu (#178596).
  • Adds panel styling improvements (#178139).
  • Adds "Apply" button to stop controls selections being automatically applied (#174714).
  • Support field stats for ES|QL query (#178433).
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.14.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Implicit casting changes (#182989).
  • Adds validation and auto-complete for date_diff (#182513).
  • Adds more functions to the validator (#180640).
  • Adds an enhanced chart switcher to the Lens inline editing flyout (#177790).
  • Adds support for dimension mappings in dynamic templates (#180023).
  • Adds CPU metrics to request diagnostics (#179819).
  • Adds Settings Framework API and UI (#179795).
  • Adds an Elastic Defend advanced policy option for pruning capability arrays (#179766).
  • Adds Agent activity flyout enhancements (#179161).
  • Adds unhealthy reason (input/output/other) to agent metrics (#178605).
  • Adds a warning which is displayed when trying to upgrade agent to version > max fleet server version (#178079).
  • Adds alerts count to hosts data (#176034).
Lens & Visualizations
  • combines the chart type selection options into a single, layer-based chart switch (#178971).
Machine Learning
  • Hides file upload document count chart until data is searchable (#181460).
  • Removes technical preview badge for pattern analysis (#181020).
  • Adds support for ad-hoc Data Views for testing models in Trained Models UI (#180795).
  • Adds open and edit panel actions for the Single Metric Viewer (#179364).
  • Improves ES|QL data visualizer performance with early limit and remove option to Analyze all (#179286).
  • Adds query history for the ES|QL Data visualizer (#179098).
  • Hides the Filebeat configuration card for Serverless Search file upload (#178987).
  • Improves performance of Field stats / Index data visualizer by reducing requests for empty fields, making it convenient to add multi-field (#178766).
  • AIOps: Identify spike/dips with change point detection for log rate analysis (#178338).
  • Adds ML feature privileges tooltip (#181595).
  • Transforms: Use basic stats for transform list, call full stats only for expanded rows (#180271).
  • Allows adding a custom description for data view fields (#168577).
  • Adds an advanced setting to enable simulated function calling (#180621).
  • Adds a public API for /chat/complete (#179618).
  • Persists settings in Elasticsearch instead of local storage (#179380).
  • Allows filtering data views by type (#179069).
  • Implements contextual actions (#178405).
  • Adds the ability to create an SLI based on the availability of your synthetics monitors (#177842).
  • Adds setting for user’s preferred language for the AI assistant (#176444).
  • Adds improvements to the AI assistants handling where a generated ES|QL query has syntax errors (#179919).
  • Adds grouping by multiple values when creating SLOs, allowing for dynamic creation of multiple SLOs from a single SLI definition(#175063).
  • Adds a new option, system, to the theme:darkMode Kibana advanced setting, that can be used to have Kibana’s theme follow the system’s (light or dark) (#173044).
  • A feature has been deprecated which allowed users to download a CSV file from a saved search panel in a dashboard, without having a report generated. Now, when users need to access saved search data from a dashboard panel as CSV, a normal report will be generated. To access the deprecated functionality, you can add xpack.reporting.csv.enablePanelActionDownload: true to kibana.yml, but this ability will be removed in a future version of Kibana (#178159).
  • Adds Content-Security-Policy-Report-Only header support (#179949).
  • Renders a user-friendly UI for unhandled login failures (#173959).
  • Migrates the Security AI Assistant into a flyout (#176657).
  • Adds support for LangChain streaming for the openai-functions agent (#174126).
Unified Search
  • Adds auto-refresh pause when the page is not visible (#177693).
  • Adds support for not clearing the value on the filter builder when the operator changes (#176911).

Bug Fixesedit

  • Fixes bug with aggregation building for Elasticsearch query rule when there are multi-terms and a group by field (#182865).
  • Fixes using recoveredCurrent and activeCurrent to determine how to update old alerts (#180934).
  • Fixes logging the errors reported by addLastRunError to the console (#179962).
  • Preserves relative snooze when adding or removing snooze schedules (#178344).
  • Reverts changes to notify when there is a change on connector configuration (#177054).
  • Fixes the cardinality count for SLOs generated from a single SLI definition was previously incorrect for APM latency and APM availability SLIs (#183171).
  • Fixes the telemetry collection of Logstash with metricbeat monitoring (#182304).
  • Fixes otel service detection (#180574).
  • Displays the link to the Cases page under observability when Cases Kibana privileges are granted regardless of the other application privileges (#182569).
  • Fixes workpad templates using legacy filters function (#176093).
  • Removes secrets from the connectors before validating in actionsClient getAll (#179837).
  • Fixes opening panel title edit flyout only when panel title is clicked (#180137).
  • Disallows copy to dashboard from a maximized panel (#179422).
  • Fixes issue where an ES query rule could be created with a data view, then the data view is changed but there’s still a reference to the previous data view’s timestamp field. (#182883).
  • Fixes view all matches button for timestamps with numeric date formats (#181769).
  • Fixes time range filters for CSV when a relative time filter is specified in UI (#181067).
  • Fixes the status list to be static (#177435).
  • Fixes a timeout for a "View all matches" request (#181859).
  • Fixes tracking total hits for "View all matches" button (#181811).
  • Fixes comments bugs in Discover and Data Visualizer (#181283).
  • Fixes the problem with Discover and queries without the from command (#180692).
  • Fixes displaying "Unsaved changes" badge on time filter changes in case time range is stored along with saved search (#178659).
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.14.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Fixes validation on string implicit casting for dates and other minor issues (#181571).
  • Fixes validation for some specific ES|QL types (#181381).
  • Fixes retrieving the indices from AST parsing (#181271).
  • Fixes max and min accepting date fields (#180945).
  • Fixes autocomplete with incompatible arguments (#180874).
  • Fixes providing the CCS indices on the autosuggestion (#180610).
  • Fixes to auto_bucket and constant-only parameters (#180509).
  • Fixes persisting columns sorting in saved search (#180193).
  • Fixes client-side validation: make and and or accept null (#179707).
  • Fixes to the @timestamp column (#176834).
  • Fixes validation running on outdated queries when typing (#180977).
  • Adds validation to dataset field in input packages to disallow special characters (#182925).
  • Fixes rollback input package install on failure (#182665).
  • Fixes cloudflare template error (#182645).
  • Fixes displaying Config and API reference tabs if they are not needed (#182518).
  • Fixes allowing fleet-server agent upgrade to newer than fleet-server (#181575).
  • Fixes flattened inputs in the configuration tab (#181155).
  • Adds callout when editing an output about plain text secrets being re-saved to secret storage (#180334).
  • Removes unnecessary field definitions for custom integrations (#178293).
  • Fixes secrets UI inputs in forms when secrets storage is disabled server side (#178045).
  • Fixes not being able to preview or download files with special characters (#176822).
  • Fixes KQL validation being applied in search boxes (#176806).
Lens & Visualizations
  • Fixes import to other spaces (#183076).
  • Fixes clip path cutting mobile view in Lens (#182376).
  • Fixes error message layer indexing in Lens (#180898).
  • Fixes markdown table borders being visible in the text panels (#180454).
  • Fixes default formatter for gauge charts in Lens (#179473).
  • Fixes error for non-date histogram charts that contain showCurrentTimeMarker:true setting in Lens (#179452).
  • Fixes overriding title when using the inline Lens editor (#182897).
Machine Learning
  • Single Metric Viewer: Ensures edit to different job works as expected (#183086).
  • Single Metric Viewer: Fixes hover functionality in the anomalies table (#182297).
  • Single Metric Viewer: Ensures chart displays correctly when opening from a job annotation (#182176).
  • Single Metric Viewer: Displays error message when insufficient permissions (#180858).
  • Fixes retention of categorization example limits (#182103).
  • Fixes responsive layout for Trained Models table (#181541).
  • Removes datafeed preview frozen tier message in serverless (#181440).
  • ML anomaly swim lane: Ensure dashboard reset works correctly (#181346).
  • AIOps: Fixes query string for the change point detection metric charts (#181314).
  • AIOps: Fixes missing field caps filters for log rate analysis (#181109).
  • AIOps: Fixes not running log rate analysis twice when no spike/dip is detected (#180980).
  • Removes all SCSS files in favor of CSS (#178314).
  • Fixes polling for blocked anomaly detection jobs (#178246).
  • Adds trained model list permission UI tests (#174045).
  • Fixes transform health rule failure with a long list of continuous transforms (#183153).
  • The runtime field creation modal now shows indexed values instead of source values in the preview pane (#181246).
  • Fixes broken KQL filter for Cluster Health rule (#183259).
  • Fixes Triggered column timezone and format (#182653).
  • Fixes refetching data views on save (#181033).
  • Allows editing of charts when Elasticsearch query fails (#180500).
  • Fixes Agent ID not being parsed correctly (#180301).
  • Changes Custom KQL to Custom Query (#179497).
  • Fixes filtering for a histogram legend value (#178551).
  • Fixes an OpenAI Connector default model assignment bug (#178369).
  • Update static asset headers to include public and immutable cache control directives to a large number of assets served by Kibana, which should reduce the number of requests for static assets in browsers that respect these directives. (#180378).
  • Omits apiKey from RUM agent (#178902).
  • Fixes clicking "Explore in maps" button not taking users to maps (#181903).
  • Fixed escaped terminal codes logging in interactive plugin setup (#180342).
  • Fixes an issue with Security Assistant send to timeline functionality (#177771).
  • Fixes multiline query in expanded mode displaying undefined for line number (#181544).
  • Removes unused legacy markdown component (#179272).
  • Fixes typo in chromium driver factory page event (#178708).
  • Fixes not being able to enter the ES|QL editor when the column menu is open (#178622).
  • Fixes an issue in Reporting with consistently showing the toast message for completed report jobs (#177537).
  • Fixes time picker to show allowed formats properly in absolute tabs (#182152).