Enhancements and bug fixes


Enhancements and bug fixesedit

For detailed information about the 8.11.0 release, review the enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Changed mobile badge from technical preview to beta (#167543).
  • New Profiling ES Flamegraph API (#167477).
  • Adds Universal Profiling to O11y overview and Setup guide (#165092).
  • Mark disabled alerts as Untracked in both Stack Management and o11y (#164788).
  • Adds time range to event metadata API (#167132).
  • New settings to control CO2 calculation (#166637).
  • Adds permissions for "input-only" package (#166234).
  • Adds selecting the consumer based on the authorized consumers when a user is creating an ES Query threshold rule (#166032).
  • Migrate Ace based EuiCodeEditor to Monaco based code editor (#165951).
  • Mobile UI crash widget added (#163527).
  • Show a warning message to inform user that navigating after the 10Kth case is not possible (#164323).
  • Focus on a single panel while disabling all other panels (#165417).
  • Adds filter details to panel settings (#162913).
  • Adds support for date fields in the options list controls (#164362).
  • Redesign for the grid, panels and sidebar (#165866).
  • Set data table row height to auto-fit by default (#164218).
  • Allow fetching more documents on Discover page (#163784).
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.11.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Self-managed connector clients now show advanced configuration options in the UI (#167770).
  • Adds sidebar navigation showing headings extracted from the readme (#167216).
  • Clusters tab added under Inspector (#166025).
  • Open incomplete response warning in Inspector (#167205).
Lens & Visualizations
  • Other bucket defaults to false for top values greater than equal 1000 in Lens (#167141).
  • Adds support for decimals in percentiles in Lens (#165703).
Machine Learning
  • Updates ELSER version for Elastic Assistant (#167522).
  • Retains created_by setting when exporting anomaly detection jobs (#167319).
  • Improves the wording of awaiting ML nodes messages (#167306).
  • Adds created_by job property for the advanced wizard (#167021).
  • Trained model testing: only show indices with supported fields (#166490).
  • Alerts as data integration for Anomaly Detection rule type (#166349).
  • Data Frame Analytics Trained models: adds the ability to reindex after pipeline creation (#166312).
  • Adds Create a data view button to index or saved search selector in ML pages and Transforms management (#166668).
  • Improvements to UX of adding ML embeddables to a dashboard (#165714).
  • AIOps: Supports text fields in log rate analysis (#165124).
  • Data Frame Analytics creation wizard: adds ability to add custom URLs to jobs (#164520).
  • Adds Create a data view button to index or saved search selector in ML pages and Transforms management (#166668).
  • Improve loading behavior of Transforms list if stats request is slow or is not available (#166320).
  • Adds support for PATCH requests in Console (#165634).
  • Improves autocomplete to suggest knn in search query (#165531).
  • Improves display for long descriptions in Transforms (#165149).
  • Improve transform list reloading behavior (#164296).
  • Allow by value styling for EMS boundary fields (#166306).
  • Adds support for geo_shape fields as the entity geospatial field when creating tracking containment alerts (#164100).
  • ES|QL query generation (#166041).
Querying & Filtering
  • New "Saved Query Management" privilege to allow saving queries across Kibana (#166937).
  • Improvements to the filter builder inputs for long fields (#166024).
  • Added ability to hide public locations (#164863).

Bug Fixesedit

  • Improve error handling in ES Index action response (#164841).
  • Bring back toggle column on alert table (#168158).
  • Fixes Errors rules link on observability alert page (#167027).
  • Enable read-only users to access rules (#167003).
  • Fixes rule snooze toast copy (#166030).
  • Ensure APM data view is available across all spaces (#167704).
  • Adds an environment param to the service metadata details endpoint (#167173).
  • Fixes set up process (#167067).
  • Generate new panel IDs on Dashboard clone (#166299).
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.11.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Native connector external documentation links are now rendered conditionally to avoid empty links (#169121).
  • Fixed an issue which caused Access Control Syncs to be scheduled when Document Level Security was disabled (#168987).
  • Restored access and admin checks for App Search and Workplace Search product cards (#168890).
  • The filter box in the Browse documents tab under Search > Content > Indices now escapes Lucene reserved characters instead of throwing errors (#168092).
  • Fixed an issue associated with changing the indices underlying a search application. When a user modifies the indices underlying a search application in Kibana, the associated search template is now reverted to the default template (#167532).
  • Fixed an issue where the Search plugin was inaccessible for unauthenticated users, eg. for Kibana in read-only demo setups (#167171).
  • Fixed an issue with the welcome banner in Search (#166814).
  • Self managed connector clients now show advanced configuration options in the UI (#167770).
  • Vastly improve performance of Fleet final pipeline’s date formatting logic for event.ingested (#167318).
Lens & Visualizations
  • Fixes heatmap color assignment on single value scenario in Lens (#167995).
  • Fixes mosaic with 2 axis coloring in Lens (#167035).
  • Show icons/titles instead of previews in suggestions panel in Lens (#166808).
  • Consider root level filters buckets correctly when building other terms bucket (#165656).
  • Prevent user to use decimals for custom Percentile rank function in Top values in Lens (#165616).
  • Fixes the Graph application settings tab when in dark mode (#165614).
  • Fixes Visualize List search and CRUD operations via content management (#165485).
  • Use correct ML API to query blocking tasks (#167779).
Machine Learning
  • AIOps: Fixes log pattern analysis sparklines and chart (#168337).
  • AIOps: Fixes Data View runtime fields support in the Change point detection UI (#168249).
  • Fixes anomaly charts when partition field contains an empty string (#168102).
  • Data Frame analytics outlier detection results: ensure scatterplot matrix adheres to bounding box (#167941).
  • Fixes Anomaly charts embeddable fails to load if partition value is empty string (#167827).
  • Fixes isErrorResponse when cluster details are provided (#166667).
  • Fixes autocomplete not to be prompted between triple quotes (#165535).
  • Fixes autocomplete on only 1 letter typed in Console’s request editor (#164707).
  • Fixing duration field formatter showing 0 seconds instead of "few seconds" (#164659).
  • Fixes a bug that autocomplete does not work right after a comma (#164608).
  • Fixes unnecessary autocompletes on HTTP methods (#163233).
  • Fixes ES query rule boundary field changed when editing the rule (#165155).