Enhancements and bug fixesedit

For detailed information about the 8.0.0-rc1 release, review the enhancements and bug fixes.


Reverts By-Value Embeddables #117613
Adds multi-layer time axis for opt-out only #115853
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.0.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Adds consistent _meta property to all Fleet ES assets #119380
Kibana Home & Add Data
Moves overview page and link to the accordion solution title #114018
Lens & Visualizations
  • Handle removal of deprecated date histogram interval in Vega #109090
  • Adds value labels to Heatmap in Lens #106406
Machine Learning
  • Adds support for force stop deployment #118563
  • Refactors data view loading to remove unnecessary searches #116455
  • Service Maps: Adds sparklines to the detail popover #120021
  • Offer users upgrade to multi-metric job #119980
  • Display relevant anomalies from multi-metric job #119709
  • Adds service icon for the originating service in traces table #119421
  • Auto attachment for java agent beta in APM integration settings #119131
  • Errors: Enhancements to the Errors list page (part II) #118878
  • Store Alerts View table state in localStorage #118207
  • Handle other values popup when correlated value is not in top 10 #118069
  • Adds links to navigate from alerts table to rule #118035
  • Reinstates ML multi-metric job #117836
  • Re-enables metric-based UI #117021
  • Make Alerts page use shared Kibana time range #115192
  • Adds enabled toggle #119994
  • Adds missing tooltip to the report metric badge in Exploratory View #119940
  • Adds step duration in step list #116266
Moves developer architecture docs to user docs #119125
  • Decouples screenshotting plugin from the reporting #120110
  • Updates the design of the Reports management UI, including the addition of a link to Kibana app where the report was generated #111412
Adds ability to clone role mappings #118434 Adds user logout audit events #121455

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixes Error overflow #122158
  • Fixes expression input #121490
  • Hides edit menu when in view-only mode #118779
  • Allow text wrapping for panel titles and dashboard descriptions for PDF generation #121360
  • Page now resets to zero when rows per page is changed on Add from Library window #118627
  • Fixes full screen error when pressing back arrow in browser #118113
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.0.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Adds installed_kibana_space_id to epm-packages saved objects #120517
  • Handle Saved Object ID changes #119527
  • Fixes upgradeable agents filter #119338
Lens & Visualizations
  • Enables normal mode for percentage charts in Lens #120197
  • Fixes existing fields query for epoch_millis dates in Lens #119508
  • Include frozen indices in Lens #118555
  • Fixes focus on legend action popovers in Lens #115066
Machine Learning
  • Fixes data view search based on title #120737
  • Data frame analytics wizard: Only allow data view creation if job will be started immediately #120042
  • Fixes anomaly detection module manifest queries to ignore frozen and cold data tiers #119635
  • Catches syntax error in job wizard editor #119457
  • Fixes error handling for missing data view in data frame analytics wizard #119455
  • Ensures auto refresh interval is used in Data Frame Analytics list #117959
  • Ignores frozen indices in data recognizer #117208
  • Fixes data grid column actions button when histogram charts are visible #120202
  • Disables delete data view for data frame analytics and transforms wizards #119732
  • Check Kibana capabilities for all saving, editing, and deleting #118480
  • Adds autocomplete for search_after and pit in search query #117864
  • Autocomplete for t_test aggregation #117782
  • Disables create data view for data frame analytics and transforms wizards #117690
  • Fixes an issue where drawings do not show when there is a global filter #121239
  • Use minimum symbol size if meta is not loaded #119119
  • Do not fail migration when JSON.parse fails #117342
  • Do not allow label overlap #116190
Correct linear regression formula #120222
  • Renames alerting types in Infra #121061
  • Renames occurrences of alert_type to rule_type in Infra #120455
  • Fixes failing alerts table pagination functional tests #119985
  • Switch to _source for updating documents instead of fields API #118245
  • Fixes an issue where search terms with certain characters caused the APM UI to crash #118063
  • Ignore unavailable indices for ML jobs #117632
  • Disables the actions button when users have inadequate privileges #117488
  • Replaces manual rate calculation with rate agg #115651
  • Adds migration to fix incorrect action group spelling #119626
  • Fixes bug with manage views button #118547
  • Disables No Data checkboxes for doc count alerts #117194
  • Prevent event propagation on step_duration #122039
  • Disables the button to create alerts in Uptime when users do not have permissions to do so #120379
  • Fixes a bug that prevented users from saving Uptime configurations when the inspect option was turned on #119142
  • Adds a callout to informs users that they do not have permissions to create ML jobs for Uptime monitors #117684
Fixes font glitches in code editor #121392
Fixes an issue where PDF and PNG reports break on Windows operating systems when the Kibana server hostname is #117022