Enhancements and bug fixesedit

For detailed information about the 7.16.0 release, review the enhancements and bug fixes.


  • The Alerting event log indices, named kibana-event-log-*, are set to hidden indices via the index.hidden: true index setting #117470
  • Removes TLS requirement for alerting when security is enabled #115234
  • Shows execution duration on Rule Details view #114719
  • Shows last execution duration on Rule Management view #113935
  • Allow rule types to specify a default and minimum interval #113650
  • Adds advanced mode toggle for the APM failed transactions table #114363
  • Adds context popover for APM latency correlations & failed transactions correlations #113679
  • Adds chart for failed transactions correlations tab #110172
  • Correlations chart enhancements #113039
  • Dashboard PDF and PNG reports can now be generated without requiring users to first save #108553
  • Remember most recent "hide chart" setting #114534
  • Adds "Chart options" menu #112453
  • Adds "Open in Discover" to dashboard panels #112396
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 7.16.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Adds prompt for users to add an agent if they add an integration to an agent policy with no agents #114830
  • Allow users with read access to view Integrations app #113925
  • Removes enterprise license requirement for custom registry URL #113858
  • Adds "Keep Policies up to Date" functionality for integrations #112702
  • Allow packages to specify index privileges #112397
  • Allow Integrations browse page to filter on descriptions #111649
  • Support automatic upgrades of Package Policies when updating Integrations #108269
Kibana Home & Add Data
  • Adds “Add data” button to Global Nav Drawer #113648
Lens & Visualizations
  • Relax break down group validation for percentage charts in Lens #114803
  • Adds rowHeightsOptions to table #114637
  • Respect external URL allow list in TSVB #114093
  • Respect external URL allow list in vega #113720
  • Enables filter bar in TSVB #109223
  • Support custom field format in TSVB #101245
Machine Learning
  • Adds ability to change data view in advanced job wizard #115191
  • Adds KQL filter bar, filtering functionality, and compact design to Index data visualizer #112870
  • Job sync usability improvements #112693
  • Auto-scalable ML node integrations improvements #112264
  • Datafeed preview based job validation check #109080
  • Adds alerting rules management to Transform UI #115363
  • Upgrade Assistant now displays the progress of your reindexing tasks #114275
  • Transforms health alerting rule type #112277
  • Allow fields that start with an underscore in the field list #111238
  • In Snapshot & Restore, the performance of snapshots list is improved to handle a large number of snapshots #110266
  • Open in dev tools button for request inspector #109923
  • Use date field dropdown for edit transform retention policy setting #108804
  • Adds tooltip help text for Transform filter query control #108720
  • Adds support for UTM and MGRS coordinates in Maps "Go To" button #107835
  • Adds APM-Fleet integration version check and upgrade message #115297
  • Adds comparison to the error occurrences histogram and "failed transaction rate" to the chart panels #115194
  • Revert multi-metric ML job #114961
  • Adds the ability to select any service name, transaction type, and environment when creating and editing rules, both in APM and Stack Management. #111883
  • Show new "no data screen" on the getting started page #111803
  • Consistent "no data" screen with other Observability solutions #111630
  • Set start date of APM ML job to -4 weeks #111375
  • Deprecate apm_oss.indexPattern config option #111133
  • Show badge for failed spans in waterfall #109812
  • Show hostname in JVM view #109651
  • Enable the observability alerting and cases features #115785
  • Adds separate setting for Alert If Group Disappears for metric threshold rules #113032
  • Adds warning about redundant groupBy on metric threshold #111891
  • Adds KQL filter bar to alerts #111663
  • Adds Inventory Timeline open/close state to context and URL state #111034
  • Adds references for saved views in source configuration #110556
  • Browser - add script recorder option #115184
  • Adds uptime query inspector panel #115170
  • Clean up empty states, tutorial links and routing to prefer unified integrations #114911
  • Make uptime settings saved object exportable #114235
  • Adds percentile ranks, show legend always, and fix field labels #113765
  • Adds exploratory view multi series #113464
  • Adds TLS options for browser monitors when zip url is selected #112554
  • Adds "Add to case" button #112463
  • Adds new advanced options #112454
  • Make all error messages on tables consistence #111690
  • Redirect to error page when Heartbeat mappings are missing #110857
  • New "No Data" screens #107709
  • For filters, use shared component #105739
  • Annotate waterfall chart with additional metrics #103642
  • Development and build support for ARM based Apple devices #114879
  • The /api/status endpoint will now only respond with a 503 status code if any Kibana core service is unavailable #113729
  • Integration tests for unsupported product 404 responses #109755
  • Inspect flyout should be available in editor mode #109656
  • You can now generate a PDF or PNG report of an unsaved visualization #110206
  • Short URL service was updated to support short URL creation from locators #107859

Bug Fixesedit

  • Fixes Advanced settings in Datasource recreate on any change #111840
  • Fixes Storybook for DatasourceComponent is crashing #110180
  • Adds Timelion panel without asking for the index pattern #113896
  • Fixes duplicating tags #119079
  • Shows ignored field values #115040
  • Fixes search highlighting of expanded document #114884
  • Fixes wrong timepicker range when brushing #111989
  • Hides multifields from doc table #109242
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 7.16.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Link to the installed version of an integration from global search #115736
  • Fixes agent count in update modal #114622
  • Shows security requirements page when ES security is not enabled #114583
  • Improves default settings for Fleet component templates #114101
  • Report installing status while package install is in progress #111875
Lens & Visualizations
  • Do not show legend actions popup when in non-interactive mode in Lens #115804
  • Fixes the scale type on a terms aggregation on a number field #115729
  • Fixes the formatting on multiple axis #115552
  • Fixes the long text problem that appears behind the gauge chart in TSVB #115516
  • Fixes cursor type for topN charts with drilldowns in TSVB #115333
  • Chart with override index pattern and last_value are migrated with entire_time_range from 7.13+ in TSVB #115041
  • Fixes editor blowing up when working on non-exisiting data view in Lens #114816
  • Formula: better messages for unsupported field types in Lens #114528
  • Improves error message in case of invalid $schema URL in Vega #114459
  • [Inspector] Close the inspector on Lens unmount in Lens #114317
  • Keep the custom label when transitioning to/from Formula in Lens #114270
  • Fixes filters not being cleaned when navigating to another visualisation in Lens #114137
  • Fixes chart not updating with refresh button in Lens #114135
  • Fixes Metric visualization scale in Lens #113956
  • Error on refreshing an unsaved visualization created from a saved search in Visualize #113938
  • Fixes problem with one chart plotted for multiple y axis when migrating from an old SO #112972
  • Better error details on expression evaluation in Timelion #112663
  • Adds support of triple quotes #112656
  • Fixes bug with nested terms, one with other bucket and the other disabled #112636
  • Better error explanation for EsErrors and inspector now showing error responses in Vega #112634
  • Fixes the brushing of the last bucket for timeseries visualizations in TSVB #112068
  • Removes trailing semicolor and scrollbar for empty pie chart visualization in Lens #111971
  • Loads the no results screen if all slices have zero value #111931
  • Reverse colors should not reverse palette picker previews in Lens #110455
  • Shows validation feedback on top values out of bounds number of values in Lens #110222
  • TSVB metrics that have legend (percentiles and percentile ranks) don’t resize the text size properly #109483
  • Split chart and alphabetical descending order doesn’t work as expected #108858
  • Doesn’t work correctly with pipeline aggregations in "entire time range" mode in TSVB #105073
Machine Learning
  • Data Frame Analytics wizard: retain query language when switching steps #116227
  • Fixes errors from annotations searches when event mapping is incorrect #116101
  • Fixes index data visualizer not available when no ML nodes available #115972
  • Data Frame Analytics: Fix legend text colors for Vega based charts in dark mode #115911
  • Deletes annotation directly from the index it is stored in #115328
  • Fixes deletion of models that are not used by pipelines #114107
  • Space privilege "Index pattern management" read still shows delete button #115390
  • Pass compress flag in query instead of headers #113929
  • Fixes url formatter editor "Open in new tab" is hidden by default #113141
  • The mappings editor in Index Management now supports defining a multi-field for the IP field type #112477
  • Fixes locked tooltip issues #115583
  • Fixes choropleth map with applyGlobalQuery set to false still creates filter for source #108999
  • Adds force-refresh toggle #104691
  • Fixes blank page between loading page and overview #114550
  • Fixes shard size alerts #114357
  • Adds initial react app #109218
  • Adds missing legacy key for apm-server.secret_token #116554
  • Alerts chart preview wrong timezone #116014
  • Default time range overrides fetched range for link-to/trace URLs without range parameters #115449
  • Update dependencies overview route to use backendName as a query param #115226
  • Waterfall layout and expansion fixes #114889
  • Update namespace for indices #114612
  • Adds all APM configuration settings to the documentation #114139
  • Fixes GC time calculation #113992
  • Update title and description on APM tutorial in cloud hosted deployments #113438
  • Removes dot from legend on the error marker #113437
  • Display all properties by default in flyout #113221
  • Fixes loading message missing or inconsistent in various list views #110772
  • Clear threshold alert groups state when filterQuery changes #116205
  • Ensure Kubernetes Pod CPU & Memory Usage is consistent across pages #116177
  • Synthetics step fix browser console indexing error #115897
  • Adjust the theme colors for uptime monitors browser screenshot labels #115543
  • Removes rate aggregations #114187
  • Fixes copy typo #111203
  • Improves log threshold rule field selection #111135
  • Reverting to legacy ES client behavior where maxSockets = Infinity #113644
  • Fixes Error 500 on the workpad update #111683
  • Adds references extract/inject for Workpads #109874
Querying & Filtering
  • Saved query saved objects now properly reference index pattern saved objects, so they can be exported/imported properly #111213
  • Revisit handling timeouts for different phases of screenshot capture #113807
  • Adds custom error message when receiving 401 response to avoid confusion with Kibana session timeout #113460