Enhancements and bug fixesedit

For detailed information about the 7.15.0 release, review the enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Changed rules table to support visual indication for disabled and muted alerts #104190
  • Enables JVM metrics for the Ruby Agent running on a JVM (jRuby) #108933
  • Adds APM agent instrumentation instructions in Fleet #108242
  • Renames "Error rate" to "Failed transaction rate" #107895
  • Fixes service inventory responsive design #107690
  • Adds a logs tab for services #107664
  • Adds time comparison to the Transactions page #107299
  • Adds time comparison to the services inventory #107094
  • Adds backend info and icons to flyouts #107089
  • Supports visualizing composite spans #106862
  • Allows editing of APM rules #106598
  • Redesigns the APM Integration settings #106535
  • Adds bulk update route to rule registry and bulk update function to alerts client #106297
  • Replaces error rate table with failed transactions correlations #108441
  • Moves latency correlations from flyout to transactions page #107266
  • Latency correlations: Field/value candidates prioritization #107370
Data ingest
  • Adds copy_from to set processor #104070
  • Adds community id processor #103863
  • Support output_format in date processor #103729
  • Adds network direction processor #103436
  • Split single query into 2 queries for faster results #104818
  • Improves empty state page #103602
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 7.15.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Enterprise Search
For the Elastic Enterprise Search 7.15.0 release information, refer to 7.15.0 release notes.
  • Updates Package Policy UI to support upgrading package policies #107171
  • Removes subseconds from event.ingested #104044
  • Adds package policy upgrade API #103017
Kibana Home & Add Data
  • Use Lens in ecommerce data #106039
  • Use Lens in flights dashboard #104780
Lens & Visualizations
  • Long legend values support in Aggregation based visualizations #108365
  • Long legend values support in TSVB #108023
  • Supports long legend values in Lens #107894
  • Adds a color picker in percentiles and percentiles rank aggs in TSVB #107390
  • Synchronize cursor position for x-axis across all Lens visualizations on a dashboard #106845
  • Allows the users to change the axis orientation in Lens #106369
  • Improve network error message in Lens #106246
  • Cleanup bar value labels configuration in Lens #106231
  • Cleanup bar value labels configuration in Aggregation based visualizations #106198
  • Adds client-side caching in Visualize Library to eliminate unnecessary data fetching when editing visualizations #105589
  • Display legend inside chart in Lens #105571
  • Adds a deprecation notice in the UI and a docs section #105055
  • Replace flot with elastic-chart in Timelion #81565
Machine Learning
  • Adds support for model_prune_window in job wizard #108734
  • Checks for error messages in the anomaly detection jobs health rule type #108701
  • Adds initial record score to the anomalies table expanded row content #108216
  • Adds reset anomaly detection jobs link to jobs list #108039
  • Adds evaluation quality metrics to classification exploration view #107862
  • Adds a 30 day model prune window to non-rare security jobs #107752
  • Delayed data test for anomaly detection jobs health rule type #107183
  • Model memory state test for anomaly detection jobs health rule type #106763
  • Enables index data visualizer document count chart to update time range query #106438
  • Alerting rule for anomaly detection jobs monitoring #106084
  • Edits rare anomaly detection job summaries #105694
  • Jobs import and export #101037
  • Adds index templates flyout to the edit policy form #108362
  • Refactored policies list to use EuiInMemoryTable #107510
  • Transforms: Adds a type column to the transforms management table #106990
  • Adds a flyout with linked index templates #106734
  • Adds es version field support #104870
  • Adds preview for runtime fields #100198
  • show this layer only layer action #107947
  • Adds indication in layer TOC when layer is filtered by map bounds #107662
  • Show actionable message when term joins have no matches #105161
  • Adds edit tools defaults for user and timestamp #103588
  • Auto generate legends and styles from mvt data #94811
  • Moves saved views button to page header #107951
  • Adds manage rules link to alerts dropdown #107950
  • Adds checkbox to optionally drop partial buckets from threshold alerts #107676
  • Adds system.cpu.total.norm.pct to default metrics #102428
  • Enables OOTB alerts in RAC page and multiple rules of a rule type #106457
Osquery Manager
  • Adds status info for scheduled queries #106600
  • Improves not found response handling in the saved objects repository #108749
  • Updates esaggs expressions function to return partial results #105620
  • Updates expressions public API to expose partial results support #102403
  • Changes execution of alerts from async to sync #97311
Querying & Filtering
  • Filter FilterBar suggestions by time (according to flag) #107192
  • Adds support of chunked export #108485
  • Consolidate report job warnings and add warning for deprecated types #106184
  • Adds warning logs about CSV export type being deprecated #104025
  • New UI for migrating reporting indices ILM policy #103853
  • Support authenticating to Elasticsearch via service account tokens #102121
  • Space management page UX improvements #100448
  • Improve dedupe client performance #103979
  • Multi Series View #103855
  • Adds browser monitors configuration options #102928
  • Adds Thumbnails to Search UI #104199

Bug Fixesedit

  • Custom links creation don’t work #110676
  • Show relevant nodes in focused service map #108028
  • Display throughput as tps (instead of tpm) when bucket size < 60 seconds #107850
  • Flyout refactor #106728
  • Register expression_functions in {expression}/public/plugin.ts #106636
  • Hide "Manage Searches" if user has insufficient permissions #109099
  • Don’t give write permissions to index patterns via Discover write permissions #108376
  • Fixes multi-field display when parent field is not indexed #102938
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 7.15.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Fixes Fleet settings and HostInput error handling #109418
  • Fixes Agent policy search to support simple text filters #107306
Kibana Home & Add Data
  • Fixes tabindex and collapsible functionality #107462
Lens & Visualizations
  • Fixes filters reappearing in the saved object when saving in Lens #110460
  • Fixes small multiple title in dark mode #110008
  • Markdown variables should be clickable in TSVB #108844
  • Fixes Markdown variables are not available on the first rendering in TSVB #108836
  • Switching between some aggregations in bucket section for sibling aggregations breaks the visualization #108693
  • Fixes when clicking "Save and Return" on a Lens visualization the visualization’s description gets erased in Lens #108669
  • [Accessibility] Take into account background color for non opaque colors in Lens #107877
  • Adds the ability to override runtime_mappings in Vega #107875
  • Fixes behavior for points and bars in timelion #107398
  • Formats correctly the falsy values on the x axis in Lens #107134
  • Fixes send data request twice when opening visualizations #106398
  • Filter button in legend keyword accessible #106374
  • Annotations support runtime fields in TSVB #104287
  • Top_hit supports runtime fields in TSVB #103401
  • Saved visualization with search string confuse altering of search string #103396
Machine Learning
  • Fixes "Show charts" control state #110602
  • Fixes alignment of sorting arrow when histogram charts are enabled in data grid #110053
  • Removes hardcoded datafeed indices for security auth and network modules #109692
  • Fixes missing final new line character issue #109274
  • Ensures cloning retains hyperparameters and results field is correct in data frame analytics wizard #107811
  • Disables query delay editing for non-admin users #107517
  • Ensures results view loads correctly for data frame analytics job created in Dev Tools #107024
  • Removes index pattern placeholder advanced setting #110334
  • Fixes suffix field format leaks to index pattern management #107139
  • Enable inspector to display multiple requests for multiple layers #105224
  • Unified check for CSV cells for known formula characters (and value escaping more in general) #105221
  • Abort full screen in dashboard and maps when user clicks back button #108747
  • Include caused_by field for import failures #107907
  • Fixes refresh button for node details page #108666
  • Removes alert previews #107978
  • Ensures alert dropdown closes properly #106343
  • Increase number of saved views fetched to 1000 #106310
  • Drop partial buckets from ALL Metrics UI queries #104784
  • Migrations: limit batch sizes to migrations.batchSizeBytes (= 100mb by default) #109540
  • Fixes ability to export CSV on searched data with frozen indices #109976