Batch start or resume reindex API

Batch start or resume reindex APIedit

The underlying Upgrade Assistant concepts are stable, but the APIs for managing Upgrade Assistant are experimental.

Start or resume multiple reindexing tasks in one request. Additionally, reindexing tasks started or resumed via the batch endpoint will be placed on a queue and executed one-by-one, which ensures that minimal cluster resources are consumed over time.


POST /api/upgrade_assistant/reindex/batch

Request bodyedit

(Required, array) The list of index names to be reindexed.

Response codeedit

Indicates a successful call.


$ curl -X POST api/upgrade_assistant/reindex/batch
  "indexNames": [ 

The order of the indices determines the order that the reindex tasks are executed.

Similar to the start or resume endpoint, the API returns the following:

  "enqueued": [ 
      "indexName": "index1",
      "newIndexName": "reindexed-v8-index1",
      "status": 3,
      "lastCompletedStep": 0,
      "locked": null,
      "reindexTaskId": null,
      "reindexTaskPercComplete": null,
      "errorMessage": null,
      "runningReindexCount": null,
      "reindexOptions": { 
        "queueSettings": {
          "queuedAt": 1583406985489 
  "errors": [ 
      "indexName": "index2",
      "message": "Something went wrong!"

A list of reindex tasks created, the order in the array indicates the order in which tasks will be executed.

Presence of this key indicates that the reindex job will occur in the batch.

A Unix timestamp of when the reindex task was placed in the queue.

A list of errors that may have occurred preventing the reindex task from being created.