Viewing sessions with Discoveredit

The first step is to find the relevant In this example, we’ll walk through investigating a crash. Since all events and spans have attributes, a crash is no different.

The steps to follow are:

  • copy the from the relevant document.
  • Open the Discover page.
  • Select the appropriate data view (use APM to search all datastreams)
  • set filter to the copied

Here we can see the guid in the metadata viewer in the error detail view:

Example of in error details

Copy this value and open the Discover page:

Example view of navigation to Discover

set the data view. APM selected in the example:

Example view of Explorer selecting APM data view

filter using the "<copied session id guid>":

Filter Explor using

explore all the documents associated with that session id including crashes, lifecycle events, network requests, errors, and other custom events!