Puppeteer debug logsedit

The Chromium browser that Kibana launches on the server is driven by a NodeJS library for Chromium called Puppeteer. The Puppeteer library has its own command-line method to generate its own debug logs, which can sometimes be helpful, particularly to figure out if a problem is caused by Kibana or Chromium. See more at https://github.com/GoogleChrome/puppeteer/blob/v1.19.0/README.md#debugging-tips

Using Puppeteer’s debug method when launching Kibana would look like: > Enable verbose logging - internal DevTools protocol traffic will be logged via the debug module under the puppeteer namespace. > ``` > env DEBUG="puppeteer:*" ./bin/kibana > ```

The Puppeteer logs are very verbose and could possibly contain sensitive information. Handle the generated output with care.