Kibana 8.4.0edit

Review the following information about the Kibana 8.4.0 release.

Known issuesedit

If you have alerting rules that have been snoozed, do not upgrade Kibana to 8.4.0. Upgrade to 8.4.1 instead.

To determine if you have snoozed alerting rules, open the main menu, then click Stack ManagementRules and Connectors. Filter the rule list by selecting ViewSnoozed. If you must upgrade to 8.4.0, for each space, cancel the snooze for all affected rules before you upgrade.

To identify snoozed rules in all Spaces using Dev Tools, run the following query:

GET /.kibana/_search
  "query": {
    "exists": {
      "field": "alert.isSnoozedUntil"

If you upgraded Kibana to 8.4.0 and you have alerting rules configured to snooze notifications, you will receive the following error message:

FATAL  Error: Unable to complete saved object migrations for the [.kibana] index.

To fix that problem, restore your previous version, then upgrade to 8.4.1 instead.

Breaking changesedit

Breaking changes can prevent your application from optimal operation and performance. Before you upgrade to 8.4.0, review the breaking changes, then mitigate the impact to your application.

xpack.agents.* are uneditable in UI when defined in kibana.yml

When you configure setxpack.fleet.agents.fleet_server.hosts and xpack.fleet.agents.elasticsearch.hosts in kibana.yml, you are unable to update the fields on the Fleet UI.

For more information, refer to #135669.

To configure setxpack.fleet.agents.fleet_server.hosts and xpack.fleet.agents.elasticsearch.hosts on the Fleet UI, avoid configuring the settings in kibana.yml.

Removes the legacy charts library

The legacy implementation of the Timelion visualization charts library has been removed. All Timelion visualizations now use the elastic-charts library, which was introduced in 7.15.0.

For more information, refer to #134336.

In 8.4.0 and later, you are unable to configure the Timelion legacy charts library advanced setting. For information about visualization Advanced Settings, check Visualization.

8.3.0 | 8.2.0 | 8.1.0 | 8.0.0 | 8.0.0-rc2 | 8.0.0-rc1 | 8.0.0-beta1 | 8.0.0-alpha2 | 8.0.0-alpha1


The following functionality is deprecated in 8.4.0, and will be removed in 9.0.0. Deprecated functionality does not have an immediate impact on your application, but we strongly recommend you make the necessary updates after you upgrade to 8.4.0.

Deprecates ApiKey authentication for interactive users

The ability to authenticate interactive users with ApiKey via a web browser has been deprecated, and will be removed in a future version.

For more information, refer to #136422.

To authenticate interactive users via a web browser, use another authentication method. Use API keys only for programmatic access to Kibana and Elasticsearch.


Kibana 8.4.0 adds the following new and notable features.

  • Adds the "updated at" feature in new alerts table #136949
  • Adds a rule detail table with bulk actions #136601
  • Adds bulk Actions for Alerts Table #135797
  • Adds the Alerting stack-monitoring PoC #135365
  • Adds custom inline/row actions for alerts table #134015
Adds the ability to customize permissions to prevent users from deleting Cases entities, such as Cases themselves, attachments, and comments #135487
The Webhook - Case Management connector allows users to build a custom connector for any third-party case/ticket management system #131762
Adds the ability to add a custom number of rows in the results and save the specified number with a Saved Search #135726
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 8.4.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
  • Enables package signature verification feature #137239
  • Modal to allow user to force install an unverified package #136108
  • Display package verification status #135928
  • Tag rename and delete feature #135712
  • Bulk update agent tags ui #135646
  • Adds API to bulk update tags #135520
  • Adds and remove agent tags #135320
  • Support sorting agent list #135218
  • Promote Logstash output support to GA #135028
  • Create new API to manage download_source setting #134889
Machine Learning
  • Adds random sampler to Data visualizer document count chart #136150
  • Adds explain log rate spikes feature to the ML plugin #135948
  • Run packs live #132198
  • Ability to set human readable title of data view & ability to edit data view #124191
Adds stale status reporting for Kibana #132613
  • Adds Beta label to Infrastructure tab #136710
  • Creates and adds Rule Alerts Summary as a sharable component to the O11y Rule Details #135805
  • Rule Details Page - Use RuleStatusPanel from triggersActionsUI #135643
  • Adds Top erroneous transactions to errors details page #134929
  • Introduces Alerts tab on service overview page #134350
  • Adds single metric report type #132446
Adds new bulkUpdatesSchedules method to Task Manager #132637
Adds the ability to create personal avatars #132522
Adds the new metric visualization #136567

For more information about the features introduced in 8.4.0, refer to What’s new in 8.4.