Set the time rangeedit

Display data within a specified time range when your index contains time-based events, and a time-field is configured for the selected data view. The default time range is 15 minutes, but you can customize it in Advanced Settings.

  1. Click calendar icon.
  2. Choose one of the following:

    • Quick select. Set a time based on the last or next number of seconds, minutes, hours, or other time unit.
    • Commonly used. Select a time range from options such as Last 15 minutes, Today, and Week to date.
    • Recently used date ranges. Use a previously selected data range.
    • Refresh every. Specify an automatic refresh rate.

      Time filter menu
  3. To set start and end times, click the bar next to the time filter. In the popup, select Absolute, Relative or Now, then specify the required options.

    Time filter showing relative time